A woman whose photo Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu shared to target the Punjab government has been deemed “depressed”, police said on Saturday. Earlier today, Sidhu shared a photo of a woman lying on the road in Dhanaula, Barnala district.

“Maan Saab today a young girl was found beaten with her hands and legs tied on the highway in Dhanaula and a man was killed in Khemkaran. No fear of the law. If such a public order situation continues, no one will stay here. First ensure the safety of 3Cr Punjabis who are here, before inviting foreigners,’ Sidhu said in a tweet earlier today, targeting Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. Barnala Police Officer Dr Darpan Ahluwalia said the 33-year-old woman came from Budhlada in Mansa to Dhanuala in Barnala on a bus to buy books and household items. Having found no place to spend the night on the road to Peerkhana, she covered herself with her “dupatta” and lay down on the side of the road, Ahluwalia said. On Saturday morning, passers-by took her to the Dhanaula Community Health Center. Police called the woman’s mother and brother to the health centre, he said, adding that in a statement to police, the woman’s mother said her daughter was “depressed”.

Police also said her legs were unbound. Her mother demanded that her photo be removed from social media. She was later sent home with her mother and brother, police said.

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