Windrush activists accused the Tories of creating a “hostile environment” for them at their party conference after claiming they were denied full access to the event.

Those working on behalf of Windrush victims have called “shameful” the treatment of activists, who allegedly paid for conference passes after being allowed to attend, by the Conservatives.

According to the Guardian, Julia Davidson, who works with the Windrush Families in Peterborough, and Anthony Brown, co-founder of Windrush Defenders Legal, both encountered difficulties trying to gain access to the Manchester Central conference center.

Mr Brown told the newspaper that when he went to get his pass he was instead met by one of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s advisers who allegedly said the lawyer would only be allowed in if he was he agreed to be chaperoned.

Ms Davidson, meanwhile, said she was allowed to participate in the four-day event on Sunday, but declined on Monday after the same Councilor No.10 said she feared she would protests on the site.

The couple were finally allowed in on Monday, but were escorted by a Downing Street aide who they said introduced them to attendees of their choice.

“It was like when journalists go to China and they have a guard. I thought – is this real? Mr. Brown told The Guardian.

Manchester-based Windrush Defenders tweeted: “For three days trying to attend the Conservative Party conference, we see the hostile environment in full swing. “

Ms Davidson said Number 10 told her there would be no access for her on the last two days of the conference and that her payment would be refunded.

But the former Liberal Democrat adviser said in addition to the £ 225 spent on her pass, she spent money on travel and five nights in a hotel, totaling hundreds of pounds.

The Windrush scandal erupted in 2018 when British citizens, mostly from the Caribbean, were wrongly detained, deported or threatened with deportation, despite having the right to live in the UK.

Many lost their homes and jobs and were denied access to health care and benefits.

Jacqueline Mckenzie, a lawyer at the Center for Migration Advice & Research – which heads the Windrush Justice Project, tweeted: “When the Home Secretary announced earlier that she would crack down on protesters, no one expected the the first victims were Windrush activists. expelled today from the Conservative Party conference, to which they were accredited, in case they protested.


The Conservative Party has been approached for comment.