When the last Cobra Kai The trailer for season 4 was released this weekend, there is one thing that most marked it: The presence of Terry Silver!

So why is this guy back in the present day? We already know he has a deep history with John Kreese; he’s been explored in this show before via flashbacks, and that’s without even mentioning what we saw of him in the original. Karate kid movies. Kreese has found a way to regain control of Cobra Kai, and with that, he finds it necessary to bring back the man who helped start it all – and also the man whose defeat led to the dojo shutting down for three decades. .

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One of the main reasons Terry is back To get revenge; There is no other solution. He doesn’t like what happened to him at Daniel’s hands and it is clear that he intends to correct this in any way he can. Hurt Daniel may have been part of Kreese’s pitch to him.

Beyond that, we imagine that the ego is also a part of it. So many myths that surround Cobra Kai is about being the best, and that’s clearly something Kreese always cares about. Why don’t we have the same from Terry here? How the two actually work together will be one of the most exciting parts of the new season, and we’re curious to find out more.

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What are you most excited to see when it comes to Terry Silver on Cobra Kai season 4?

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