A Christmas tree chosen to stand at the foot of Big Ben is one in every 150 million trees, Forestry England said.

The 42-foot Sitka spruce, selected from the 60,000-hectare Kielder Forest in Northumberland, was shipped to central London for installation outside Houses of Parliament this weekend.

Kielder is England’s largest forest and one of the few places in the UK that can supply such large Christmas trees.

The tree was prepared on site before being transported to London (Mark Pinder / FC England / PA)

This year, over 90 other oversized specimens, some reaching 55 feet tall, will occupy prime locations across the UK.

Ian Green, Forestry England, said: “It is a great honor to be able to provide one of the 150 million trees growing in Kielder for such an important role.

“It has been hand picked by experts to look good from all angles and has been carefully shot by an experienced chainsaw operator to make sure its good looks remain intact.

Chainsaw operator Guy Van Der Borch in the Kielder Forest (Mark Pinder / FC England / PA)

“She really is a beauty.

“But it is also the merit of the way the forest is managed. Kielder is an internationally important habitat for wildlife and also England’s leading producer of sustainable timber.

“Seeing the tree lit up for the whole world to see will be a huge source of pride for all of us. “

Meanwhile, Forestry England has launched a major annual planting program in Kielder, with over three million new trees to be planted before spring.