Up-and-coming K-pop girl group STAYC have shared their renditions of hits from The Kid LAROI, Ed Sheeran and more in a mix of popular songs from around the world.

STAYC was recently featured in 1TheK’s “WWC” series, which sees K-pop artists cover current chart tops around the world. The six-member group split into pairs and trios to perform a total of eight songs in different languages, from English to Thai to Portuguese.

Vocalist Sieun and frontman Sumin kicked off with their rendition of “STAY”, the successful collaboration of The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber, which currently tops the charts in Australia and Canada. Next, Sumin joins forces with members Isa and J to take on “Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran, representing the UK.

Elsewhere in the clip, STAYC also performed MÃ¥neskin’s viral song TikTok ‘Beggin’, ‘Butter’ by BTS and the collaboration of JJ Lin and Anne-Marie ‘Bedroom’, representing respectively Italy, South Korea and Singapore. The girl group also tried to sing in Thai for their cover of “Test Me” by 4EVE and in Portuguese for “Penhasco” by Luísa Sonza.

Earlier this month, the K-pop rookie released her very first mini album “Stereotype”, alongside her debut single of the same name. In a recent interview with Weverse magazine, the members of STAYC each explained why the lead was meaningful to them.

“The song has a message that we should break away from stereotypes and prejudices against ourselves, and consider people’s inner thoughts and true feelings instead of just judging them by their appearances,” said singer Yoon, who shared that the song had “crept up” on it.

STAYC previously revealed that ‘Stereotype’ was written especially for the band even before they made their debut. “The road that awaited me as an intern was still uncertain and there were many difficult days,” said Se-eun. Weverse.

“I listened to this song whenever I had a hard time, but then I mostly forgot what bothered me, maybe because the song is so cheerful. So I want to comfort the listeners by playing them this song and showing them our lively energy. “