Whereas Curb are in New York for their four-show tour at the Kings Theatre, Matador Records and the band created Pavements 1933-2022: A Pavement Museum in Tribeca with memorabilia (show posters, handwritten lyrics, an old guard uniform from the Whitney Museum of Stephen Malkmus, their VMA awards, ex-drummer Gary Young’s nail clippings), lots of Steve Keene artwork (he painted the Wowee Zowee cover) and merchandising (including golf balls). They had a groundbreaking ceremony on Saturday and the whole band was there (Thurston Moore was there too) and as a special surprise, all four current indie rock bands played short sets of Pavement covers: Quick Ortiz, Postal mail, Soccer Mom and bully.

After Bully’s set – including a rocking cover of “Kennel District” – Alicia Bagnano guest Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz) Lindsey Jordan (postal mail) and Sophie Regina Allison (Soccer Mommy) coming in for an all-star jam cover of Wowee Zoweeis “Ground”. They actually played it twice — there was a camera crew filming all the sets — and Alicia told the crowd after the first take that it was the first time they played it together.

You can watch the video for “Grounded” and clips of the individual sets, as well as some photos from the museum, below.

Pavements 1933-2022: A Pavement Museum is located at 475 Greenwich St, just off Canal and Sunday will be the last day open before traveling to London, Tokyo and taking up permanent residence in the hometown of the group, Stockton, CA.

Check out the photos, setlist and video from Pavement’s Kings Theater debut show.

Sadie talked to us about Pavement’s influence on her own music and her days in Pavement’s all-female cover band Babement. We also chatted with Dan Bejar from Destoryer, Matthew Caws from Nada Surf and others.

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