The letter says the baby was returned around 12:30 a.m. on October 23, 2020.

An unsigned letter written to the Marxist Secretary of State of the Communist Party of India (CPIM) A Vijayaraghavan, allegedly by staff members of the Kerala State Council for Child Welfare (KSCCW), alleges that the baby n ‘was not abandoned in the cradle program as Anupama’s father and other authorities claim, but was illegally handed over by Anupama’s parents. The letter says the baby was returned around 12:30 a.m. on October 23. Anupama’s father, N Jayachandran, is a local CPI (M) leader. It should be noted that a child of biological parents cannot be handed over and offered for adoption in this way.

Anupama gave birth to a baby boy on October 19, 2020. His parents took the baby away three days later, promising to return him after Anupama’s sister was married. It was a few months later that Anupama was told that she would not get her baby back because he had been given up for adoption. The letter alleges that KSCCW general secretary Shiju Khan helped Anupama’s parents deliver the baby, then left the impression that the baby was abandoned in the cradle. The letter also mentions that Ammathotthil or the cradle operated by KSCCW was not even functioning in October 2020. The letter states that another baby who was effectively abandoned on October 22 was placed outside the cradle because it was not functioning. not.

The letter claims it came from Shiju Khan’s subordinates, but they were afraid to reveal their identities as there would be repercussions.

He alleges that Jayachandran, his wife Smitha James and another local party leader from Peroorkkada arrived overnight to deliver the baby. Those who wrote the letter also called on CPI (M) and the government to investigate why it was in a rush to get the baby up for adoption and why Anupama was duped by the CWC, who performed a DNA test on the other baby.

The letter also states that the baby’s gender was intentionally mistakenly mentioned in advertisements in the next day’s newspaper to mislead Anupama. He rejected the CWC’s version that the sex change in the ad was a mistake.

According to the letter, although the baby was abandoned by his grandparents, he was made to look like an abandonment and child welfare authorities were not sure who had abandoned the child.

To deliver a child with CWC, certain procedures must be followed.

The surrender order should be issued by the CWC and the child should only be kept at the State Adoption Agency if he has the following documents:

1. Original redemption document

2. Parent interview recorded by CWC

3. Declaration of the biological mother for the delivery of the child

4. Witness affidavits

5. Admission order in the approved adoption and placement agency or the specialized adoption agency

“A delivered baby will only receive a legally safe adoption certificate (LSA) if the mother signs the paper. Someone else taking a child away from the birth mother without her consent and handing it over is illegal,” L said. lawyer M Manikandan, former chairman of CWC in Malappuram, told TNM.

On October 26, Tuesday, when opposition MP KK Rema made a motion to adjourn the Kerala Assembly on the issue, Minister of Health and Family Welfare Veena George said the baby had been abandoned in the electronic cradle. The minister said the whole adoption process was legal. But with mounting evidence that the version presented by the two child welfare agencies is part of a cover-up, it remains to be seen whether the government will act against them.

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