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Justin Ptak Agency (JPA), WGA and San Pablo Film Studios announce the second most unique and rewarding annual screenplay competition.

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says: “I am possible!”

-Audrey Hepburn

AMHERST, NH, USA, July 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Justin Ptak Agency (JPA), a signatory agency with the Writers Guild of America and San Pablo Motion Picture Studios announces the launch of the second annual, The Film Script Award, the most unique and rewarding screenplay contest since John Steinbeck bet on F. Scott Fitzgerald that he could make his name shine on Sunset Blvd. before “Fitz” in the year.

TheMotionPictureScreenplayPrize.Com is unlike any other screenplay contest as it truly seeks out the best talent and is committed to rewarding and nurturing prestigious winners not only with trinkets and toys, but also with a fulfilling career at Hauling Wood aka Hollywood. The development agreement with the JPA and SPMPS in the background is a first step in having the winners named under the marquee lights as they see their stories come to life on the Silver Screen.

Justin Ptak Agency is a boutique agency, among the first to sign the new WGA Code of Conduct, which not only focuses on education and entertainment, but also on enlightenment. The partnership with the San Pablo Motion Picture Studios, located in East Hollywood, Jacksonville, Florida, before there was even a Hauling Wood, makes this award a truly exciting and beneficial award for any writer wishing to finally see their stories told.

Studio CEO and Director Justin Ptak discussed the idea behind The Motion Screenplay Prize and its unique value: “JPA’s roots go back to HN Swanson, a great mentor and one of the greatest agents of Tinsel Town. Swanny was truly brilliant, he represented all of the legendary New York writers who wanted to try their hand at the screenplay business, from John Steinbeck to F. Scott Fitzgerald. We don’t want to continue this tradition of focusing on the writer and nurturing his talent to achieve the greatest success with the full support of a WGA agency. JPA is proud to carry on the tradition as we have had great success in 2021 despite these tumultuous times, we are not just surviving, but thrive and walk red carpets looking at silver screens.”

Nick Varga, JPA agent and accomplished screenwriter in his own right, summed up the film script award this way: “The best thing about the MPSP is that it’s not a screenplay competition at the cookie-cutter like any other, the rewards are tangible and instead of just going back to film school, you’re making a career in the film industry.We had a great first year with immense success that we’re building on. We stand on the shoulders of industry giants.

Early bird registration is August 18, 2022, deadline is October 18, 2022 with last late registration January 18, 2023. Results will be announced coinciding with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ceremony on March 12 2023 at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

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