On October 28, 2022, students at Beloit University continued a long-standing tradition of hosting a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow play performance in honor of Halloween. The performance had an incredible turnout; Almost every seat in the Wilson Theater was filled with people dressed in fun costumes ready to shout captions at the cast on stage. From start to finish, the show was filled with fun moments, exciting costumes, and incredible acting from every character. Rocky Horror does a lot to create a very unique, yet equally strong bonding experience, both for those involved in the show and those in the audience. Sitting in the crowd watching the performance, cheering on the characters having over-dramatized conversations in matching lingerie, you can really feel the bond that exists in our Beloit community, silly as that sounds. While the main cast was of course amazing, there was also something so fun about all the other cast members coming together on stage to react to the events that were unfolding. It just added another dimension to the performance, blurring the line between performer and audience a bit. On the other hand, the main cast, despite being full of goofy characters doing some pretty crazy things, still took on an adorable quality that drew in audiences, despite the actual plot of the film. For example, did Frank kill Eddie? Yes. Do I personally still think Frank and Eddie were fun and sexy and want the best for them despite that fact? I certainly do. The rest of the audience seemed to feel the same way, cheering on different characters and urging them to do the next crazy thing the plot had in store for them.

At this point in the review, I’d like to take a moment to shout out some of the show details that seemed particularly fun. First, all the costumes. Really, everyone looked so amazing on this stage, whether they were dressed in a bright red corset and thigh highs, a silly costume in a wheelchair, or both. Second, a shout out to the Magenta character for having pink hair. Very on brand, and a very fun choice for the role. Third, the choice to birth the monster from a pink flamingo-themed inflatable kiddie pool was such a funny detail and made most of the viewers laugh in response.

Overall, the show was a smash hit. It was a fun experience from start to finish and certainly left students excited to see it again next year, or maybe even take the plunge and consider being a part of it in the future. Thank you so much to the amazing cast and crew for putting on such an amazing show for this community, Halloween wouldn’t have been the same without you.