A wise Jedi once said “Always on the move is the future”. Phase II of star wars publishing initiative The High Republic it may have just started, but it’s never too early to start looking towards the end of the Phase. With that in mind, Collider is delighted to exclusively share coverage of Cavan Scottthe next YA novel from Path of revengewhich will serve as a conclusion to phase II, subtitled “Quest of the Jedi”.

Set 150 years before Light of the Jediwhich itself takes place 150 years before Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Path of revenge will likely follow teenage Marda Ro, formerly a devoted follower of the Path of the Open Hand, who seeks to unleash the Force from those they believe misuse and abuse it. Following an encounter with the Jedi, Marda and her cousin Yana are forced to reconsider what they think of the Path and the Mother who leads them.


The cover for Path of revenge is both gorgeous and creepy, featuring what looks like a disheveled Marda Ro standing in front of a cave full of terrifying Nameless who turn unsuspecting Jedi into calcified husks of terror and stone. Most intriguing, perhaps, is what’s painted on the floor in front of her: a familiar swirling red pattern High Republic fans join forces with the Nihil and Marda’s deadly but charismatic descendant, Marchion Ro.

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Scott is an author of numerous star wars readers — and High Republic readers in particular — know very well. In addition to writing for Adventures and Terrifying Tales comics, he is also the author of the audio drama Dooku: Lost Jedi. For The High Republic, Scott wrote the main Marvel comic and was also responsible for the incredibly thrilling and heartbreaking adult novel. The rising storm. With a cover like this, it seems likely he’ll bring his signature brand of star wars horror for the sphere of young adults as well. In addition to star warsScott also wrote for Doctor Who, Pacific Rim, Vikings, Star Trek, Adventure Time, and Penguins of Madagascar.

Although we don’t know much about the plot of Path of revenge For now, you can check out the description and cover in all its weird Ro Family glory below, ahead of the book’s release on May 2, 2023:

The thrilling conclusion to the Quest of the Jedi narrative from the New York Times best-selling High Republic initiative! A gripping, fast-paced adventure for young adults set in the world of the High Republic, 150 years before the stories of Phase I: Light of the Jedi. Meet fortune-seeking explorers, enigmatic disciples, and valiant Jedi whose paths crossed on the planet Dalna will set them on a collision course that will haunt the Republic for centuries to come.