When Big Kahuna owner, athlete Shane England, contacted 3D artist and automotive visualizer Timothy Adry Emmanuel, he wanted something special done for his Monster Jam truck.

Emmanuel, who goes by the Instagram handle adry53customs, didn’t disappoint, considering he’s been designing wild concepts since 2011.

It’s the new Ford Bronco-based Big Kahuna and we have starry eyes.

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A Ford Bronco Monster Jam truck with a surfboard sticker

Emmanuel introduced his render as follows: “Shane England contacted me to render his next Monster Jam truck. He wanted his Monster Jam truck to look as much like the Baja/King of the Hammers Bronco race trucks as possible, and I think that he looks pretty awesome as a monster jam truck the decal is amazing i have a giant surfboard sticker on top so every time he does a sky wheelie anyone can see this giant surfboard.

Fans loved the concept, with one writing, “No way!!! So glad you got the opportunity to work on one of the coolest monster trucks around!!!! Absolute killer work!”

The truck looked absolutely stunning with its yellow and blue decal body, black detailing with white fill and the lettering “Big Kahuna” on the side.

There’s a yellow surfboard on the roof, and a few monster faces too, for good measure.

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One of the craziest Monster Jam trucks on the market

Emmanuel continues to say, “This is probably one of the craziest opportunities I’ve ever had, what an absolute pleasure to help one of the Monster Jam drivers visualize his truck. Honestly, I still feel unreal to be able to render for something as big as Monster Jam.

He thanked Shane England and also wrote that he can’t wait to see this fly on the trail doing some crazy backflips!

England fans “can’t wait to see this baby catch a wave of dirt” and we, on the other hand, can’t wait to see it, considering it’s one of the craziest Ford Broncos ever .

Owner England loves it and showed his appreciation to Emmanuel, writing, Thank you so much for making the new truck so badass!” and we have to agree.

Such a wild Bronco, with Baja accents, rolling on those jaw-dropping tires is going to do some serious damage to the Monster Jam.

Sources: Instagram page adry53customs & shane_england_official