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‘Time’ is essential on J. Holiday’s new

J.Holidays *(By Percy Lovell Crawford) – Time really slowed down during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Artists and musicians have been hit hard by the deadly spread of the virus, which has halted performances, canceled tours and changed the creative process for better and for worse. Technology took center stage, while release dates were […]

6 Smart Financial Tips for Newlywed Coup...

After you get married, many things require your attention, such as creating joint bank accounts and making a life plan together. Finances are an important part of married life and should be taken into account when creating budgets and making other plans. Talking about finances doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some tips for […]

HT Brunch Cover Story: Making Love Simpl...

For a very long time, Ajinkya Rahane was just another cricketer for his now wife, Radhika Rahane. Their dates were few and limited to nondescript cafes in Mumbai’s Mulund suburb. “The first time we went on a suitable date was in 2007,” says Radhika. Ajinkya remembers the date – the 29th – but not the […]

WIDER IMAGE – In northern Russia, native

Whale hunting with harpoons is an ancient tradition that the indigenous Chukchi people of frozen northeast Russia have carried on to this day, but global warming is forcing changes to their precarious way of life. Until the early years of this century, hunters went out all summer because they could store their whale […]

Don’t judge an emerging bond by its cove

For younger EM bond participants, 2022 has been a bit of a culture shock. For years, the job sometimes seemed like putting a deal on a screen, watching it fly, then heading to Bogotá for a closing dinner at a Colombian pop star’s bar. Years of accommodative monetary policy have put bond issuers on rosy […]

“I’m back to square one – and I’ll do it

Huskii got used to being hated. “For a long time, I was screwed by drugs”, he says NME. “There were a lot of reasons not to like me. There were a lot of reasons not to support me. But the Wollongong-born, Sydney-based rapper is not the same man he was two years ago. And even […]

ALBUM REVIEW: metanoia – Persefone

When it comes to legendary progressive metal, ANYBODY have been sitting at the table for a long time. The Andorrans have spent the last twenty years handcrafting some of the finest works of the genre and have just unveiled their latest opus, metanoia. This will be the sixth release from their formidable repertoire – the […]