Sophie Turner is in full newborn life with her little girl, whom she welcomed on July 14, 2022. But the game of thrones The actress, who also shares daughter Willa, 2, with husband Joe Jonas, is feeling nostalgic about her pregnancy. (I mean, she was probably getting a lot no more sleep then, so who can blame her?) In honor of Throwback Thursday yesterday, she posted a never-before-seen bump photo, and she looks so peaceful.

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“Full of baby,” the actress captioned the photo on Instagram.

In it, she wears rolled black sweatpants and a matching cropped shirt, which reveals her bare bump. Her round baby fills her belly so nicely as she lies on her bed, dressed in a green and orange bomber jacket, her head resting on her hands. Turner has the most serene look on her face in this photo. Her eyes are closed and she smiles, seemingly enjoying the last bit of pregnancy before her daughter comes into the world. Next to her is a blue Bubba mug, lip balm and a tablet – all the essentials to stay hydrated, well-rested and entertained!

It’s unclear if Turner feels like a reminiscence of the quiet days when she could sleep (understandable), or if she was just too busy with pregnancy, raising a toddler, then giving birth to post this photo earlier (also, understand it completely). When Willa was born in July 2020, she shared a throwback bump photo four months later, so maybe that’s just her tradition.

She and Jonas are fiercely deprived of their lives on social media. In May 2021, they were outraged after paparazzi shared photos of Willa online, and Turner took to social media to call them out.

“The reason I don’t post pictures of my daughter and make sure we can avoid the paparazzi at all costs is because I explicitly don’t want those pictures released,” he said. she said in an Instagram video. “She’s my daughter. She didn’t ask for this life, to be photographed. It’s fucking creepy that old men take pictures of a baby without their permission. I’m sickened, I’m disgusted and I ask respectfully to everyone to stop following us and to stop trying to take pictures of our daughter and especially to print them.

She’s sharing photos of her motherhood journey on her own terms, and we congratulate her!

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