For the past few weeks, Sony’s IMX978 and IMX890 have reportedly been exposed with a dual-frame super-wide bottom sensor for both stills and video. As reported by TechGoing, the IMX978 is a flagship 1-inch CIS with luxury specs of 52Mp 1.55μm, known as the dual-frame super bottom of the two-handed photo video.

On the other hand, IMX890 would be a conventional wide-bottom sensor, which will be widely used in today’s mid-range mobile phone market, similar to IMX 586 and IMX 766.

Sony IMX890: a 50.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor with square pixels for color cameras

However, as we just found out in a tweet from the popular and trusted tipster, Sony has discovered the new IMX890-AAJH5-C with a general description and application. The leak revealed that Sony’s IMX890 is a 50.3 megapixel 10.240mm (Type 1/1.56) diagonal CMOS image sensor with square pixels for color cameras.

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Additionally, the images shared by the tipster show that the IMX890 is a 1/1.56, 50.3MP, QBC CFA and 2×2 OCL type with full resolution output at 30fps. Moving to the general description and application shows that the image sensor is an IMVOOD in diaconal 10 240 mm (Tune 1/1 581 50 2 Men’s naval CMOS with high frame rate.

Sony IMX890 Functions and Features

Functions and features of the new Sony IMX890 image sensor include the following: