February 5, 2022

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Sean Rhodes

This week’s smartphone photography is of Sean Rhodes, using a Google Pixel 4A.

smartphone image by Sean Rhodes

“I’m an *extremely* amateur photographer – I usually use a Lumix G9, but I’ll always take a few shots with my phone when I’m on the go (it’s easier than changing lenses in the rain 🤣).

I bought a Pixel 6 for the camera – but then dropped it off a concrete staircase while taking a picture of my dog ​​- so back to 4A for now!! This photograph was taken from Long Mynd viewpoint.

I only take photos for myself – I find taking the time to take photos (and edit them) to be a bit like mindfulness meditation, simply living in the present and focusing on the task at hand instead than on the evils of the world!”

Instagram: @sean.a.rhodes

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