The Suicide Squad Star Joel Kinnaman looks a little scared as he sits in his car with a gun drawn in the first image of action movie maestro John Woo’s silent night. Unveiled courtesy of Variety, the image no doubt has star Joel Kinnaman readying his weapon for revenge in an action-thriller that promises to be all action and little talk. None, in fact, like silent night will apparently have no dialogue.

Along with the image, new information regarding Silent Night has also been released, including Joel Kinnaman’s character name. the RoboCop The star directs the film as Godlock, “a father on a mission to avenge his young son who was tragically caught in the crossfire of gang violence on Christmas Eve. Shot and nearly killed while pursuing the murderers , Godlock swears to avenge his son by any means necessary, which sounds like exactly what John Woo’s action movie return requires.


With such a simple yet superb setup for an action movie, it certainly looks like silent night won’t need many words to tell this tragic festive story. Kinnaman’s father, driven by vengeance, will ask no questions, instead dispatching his foes mercilessly without a word. This concept should provide silent night with a hook that will appeal to action fans, with director John Woo and star Joel Kinnaman no doubt finding creative ways to portray emotion and tell the story.

silent night has now wrapped principal photography, which took place in Mexico City, and features Kid Cudi alongside Kinnaman. The rest of the main cast consists of Harold Torres and Catalina Sandino Moreno.

silent night sees Front/Off Director John Woo returns to Hollywood after a long absence

Not only silent night sound like the perfect no-frills action flick, but it also marks the long-awaited return of Front/Off director John Woo, who hasn’t been seen in Hollywood for nearly two decades. His last venture was the action outlet Paycheck with Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman, which is inspired by the short story by Phillip K. Dick. Paycheck follows Affleck as Michael, a reverse engineer, who suddenly finds himself being sued for murder and treason. Suffering from amnesia, he is forced to piece together his past while on the run. The film unfortunately received negative reviews upon release, and John Woo hasn’t done a Hollywood project since.

Instead, the Hong Kong-based filmmaker has focused on other projects outside of the Hollywood realm, including the likes of Red Cliff: Part I, Red Cliff: Part II, Reign of the Assassins, The Crossing, The Crossing 2and Manhunt. Of course, Woo is best known for directing such valuable action releases as Face/Off, Mission: Impossible 2, The Killer, Bullet to the Head, and hard boiled, among others.

silent night hasn’t received a release date yet, but a dialogue-less action movie with a perfect high-concept directed by John Woo and starring Run all night and The informant Actor Joel Kinnaman certainly looks like one to watch.

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