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Gulf Report Today

Saudi authorities have clarified that women in the Kingdom must cover their hair and neck in photos of civil identity cards.

The clarification came after some people circulated false information in Saudi Arabia that women can show their hair or neck in photos of civil ID cards.

Mohammed Al-Jasser, spokesman for the civil registration department in Saudi Arabia, said that was not true.

The Council of Ministers approved amendments to the regulations of the civil status system, canceling article 17, which establishes that “it is compulsory” for women to cover their hair and neck in the photos of the acts of civil status and identity documents.

He explained that only women between the ages of 10 and 14 can appear in passport photos with their hair uncovered, although he added that older women with certain health conditions may also be eligible. photo ID waiver.

On the other hand, the authorities have indicated that Article 146 is amended to establish that the national identity document, printed or digital, must contain the following information:

— Photo of ID holder
– First name
– Father’s name
— Grandfather’s first and last name
— Surname in Arabic and English
– Place of birth
— Date of birth in Hijri and Gregorian format
— Civil status number
— Expiry date of identity document in Hijri and Gregorian format
— Serial number of the copy of the identity document
— Official logos and security features
— Any data that the Ministry of Civil Status deems necessary to add or delete.