Gospel musicians Saraphine Afari and Florence Afari

Gospel musicians Saraphine Afari and Florence Afari have released their debut album titled ‘Tumi Wura’.

The event, which took place at the Pentecostal Church in Accra on Sunday, was part of their ministry’s vision to preach to everyone and to the far part of the earth.

Speaking exclusively to The Finder, Saraphine Afari explained that the album is made up of songs such as “Yesu Mogya”, “Tumi Wura”, “Jesus”, “Kronkron”, “Ayeyi”, “Obekasa” and “Ofata “.

She further said the songs were a sign of God’s act of kindness, mercy and love for them, adding that they wanted people to feel God’s impact in their lives.

Ms. Afari noted that the album means everything to them and highlights how God’s favor has been extended to their families.

“We want our songs to come out to teach people about the works of God and let them know that he really works in our lives and the lives of others,” she explained.

She added that Saraflo Ministries has been around for three years and that “our hope is that through our music people hear about God and change their bad habits.”

Speaking about what inspired the songs, Florence Afari said the lyrics were revealed by the Holy Spirit to Saraphine Afari, after which they came together to compose the songs.

According to them, they were inspired after Saraphine Afari fell ill and they saw the manifestation of the hands of God in the family.

“Only God can see us through a holy life,” she stressed.

She was optimistic that people would recognize the presence of God in their lives after listening to their songs.

“We pray that people will take good care of themselves in order to avoid trouble or even get sick during this difficult time,” she said.

According to them, the songs are currently available on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

They called on the sponsors to come to their aid as they intend to compose more songs for the glory of the Lord and also have an impact on people’s lives.

Various ministers of the gospel, leaders and dignitaries of the Pentecostal Church were present to honor the occasion.

Saraflo ministries expressed their gratitude to God for making all things possible and also expressed their appreciation to all the special guests, pastors and all who attended the event.

The supreme leader of the traditional area of ​​Kpalime, Togbega Atikpladza Agbi Yao VIII, called on everyone to support the work of the Saraflo ministries and pledged his support for the group.

He further urged all who have song ministry talent to come together and praise the Creator with song.

“May Almighty God see talents like Saraflo’s ministry grow in our communities for people to admire such behavior,” he said.