Qatari composer and singer-songwriter Dana Alfardan has announced the release of “Onyx”, the latest single from her long-awaited album, “Indigo”. “Ethereal as subtle as it is, ‘Onyx’ transcends physical barriers to speak directly to the soul with a powerful rhythm that contains within its recesses melodies and soft lyrics that inspire the unleashing of intuitive will”, noted a press release. “Drawing inspiration from the black onyx stone for its strength and resolve, the song is the perfect closure to the musical saga that is ‘Indigo’.”

“Onyx” is an ode to the pursuit of happiness from within, encouraging listeners to accept that contentment is a personal responsibility regardless of outside factors.
As the melodies play, the haunting tunes take control of the brain and transmit it to the heart, embarking the soul on a spiritual journey where, in the end, listeners will let go of what is holding them back and grow.
Dana used musical instruments and vocal techniques that would ignite the third eye chakra, or Ajna, which is related to perception, consciousness, and spiritual communication. The vibrations of his voice build the spiritual bridge one needs to achieve fulfillment. She sings “the wound is where the light enters”, reminding us “we are the ones responsible for finding the light inside to heal and become happy”.
Inspired by German poet, artist and politician Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Color Theory”, “Indigo” is an album that explores sound, color and the multi-sensory experiences that lie beyond.
Commenting on the album as a whole, Dana said, “Each track was composed in a color scheme to capture a mood and state of being.” All tracks will have corresponding conceptual and abstract videos, allowing each listener to create their own personal meaning.”
Following the release of Onyx, the latest single from her forthcoming album ‘Indigo’, Dana performed an exclusive show at London’s distinctive The Ned, an architectural masterpiece in the heart of the city known for its private spaces reserved for members. Becoming the first Qatari musician to perform at The Ned, Dana performed six songs from “Indigo” alongside a chamber orchestra, album producer Nico Dalla Vecchia and musical director Youki Yamamoto.
Proud to be Qatar’s first female composer, the world-renowned symphonic artist is a proud Qatari who remains true to her roots. The music she creates brings together contemporary, Western and neo-classical influences that blend with the musical heritage of the Middle East. “I tend to steer clear of the word ‘fusion’ as it sometimes implies a ‘dilution’ of one style or another. So the idea is to preserve the authenticity of one style of sound and integrate it into another in a way that integrates without one having to adapt to the other by deconstructing Dana said.
When it comes to accomplishments, Dana isn’t one to hold back; she is a cultural ambassador for the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, and since 2018 Qatar Airways has adopted her songs as their signature onboarding music.
Outside his country of origin, his impact is considerable; the famous artist created the music for the award-winning film “Orca”, wrote the music for the United Nations Day concert, performed with the London Metropolitan Orchestra at the Theater Royal Haymarket and composed the music for the humanitarian campaign ” Bring Hope for Gaza”.
Together with Lebanese-British West End actor, singer and writer Nadim Naama, Dana is now exploring what theater has to offer. The duo write and produce musicals that aim to “bring universal, liberal and transcendental figures and thoughts from the Middle East to a global Western audience and
West End scene. In 2018, “Broken Wings”, a musical following the life of Lebanese-American writer Khalil Gibran, premiered with sold-out shows at the Haymarket Theater in London, Beiteddine Festival in Lebanon, Katara Opera House in Qatar and the Dubai Opera; this was followed by a six-week run at London’s Charing Cross Theater in 2022.
His second show, the much-loved “Rumi The Musical”, debuted in 2021 – depicting the life of historical poet Jalal Al-Din Rumi. The ‘London Theater Reviews’ described Dana’s score as “Intense, dramatic and beautiful…Elegant, powerful and evocative music: it’s not hard to watch it become a West End hit.”
“Onyx” will be released on Dana Alfardan’s YouTube channel, website, and all other major streaming platforms on August 9.