A series of protests will take place across the country in the coming days over the cost of living crisis and ongoing anger over the firing of 800 P&O workers.

The People’s Assembly said it expects thousands of protesters to take to the streets across the UK on Saturday to highlight those suffering ‘real hardship’ due to rising prices fuel and food, inflation and low wages.

Unions have complained that Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s spring statement last week did nothing to allay fears about soaring fuel bills and rising inflation.

Lifting the energy price cap on Friday will create an “impossible choice for many” – eat or heat, the campaign group said.

A spokesman for the People’s Assembly said: “Public outrage over the cost of living crisis is growing rapidly and our response is gaining momentum.”

In London on Saturday there will be a protest outside Downing Street, with similar events in Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Cambridge, Coventry, Derby, Doncaster, Glasgow, Hanley, Hull, Ipswich, Lancaster, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Peterborough, Portsmouth, Preston, Redcar, Sheffield and Southampton.

Former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, who will speak at the London protest, said: ‘With rising fuel, food and energy bills, the soaring cost of living is plunging millions of people in poverty, and the disgusting treatment of sacked P&O workers requires urgent action. of the government.

“Protests will take place across the country, with thousands of people coming together to demand the redistribution of wealth and power and decent wages for all, as well as justice for P&O workers.”

Former Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn will speak at the London protests (James Manning/PA)

Laura Pidcock, National Secretary of the People’s Assembly, who will speak at the Liverpool protest, said: “What people are going through is intolerable.

“No matter how patiently we explain that government inaction in the face of soaring energy and fuel costs and soaring food prices is deepening poverty, misery and hunger, it comes up against at best to indifference and at worst to the same thing.

“The truth is that they are so attached to the economic system that we have, comfortable with a hands-off approach, that even when the markets are clearly failing us, they carry on as if nothing had happened.

“We tell them about hungry children and the government shrugs it off, politically speaking. Our anger and frustration with them must be directed and organized to put pressure on them.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union will stage a protest at Portsmouth Continental Ferry Port on Friday over the P&O layoffs.