The estate of the late rapper Prodigy has released their posthumous new single, “You Will See”, which comes with a music video. The song is the first track unveiled by the legend’s upcoming posthumous album, The Hegelian Dialectic Volume 2: The Heroine’s Book. On the song co-produced by Berto Rich, Prodigy delivers his signature macabre bars amid his bandmate’s moans and improvisations.

“I am [more] slimy than a pack of wolves/ You’re not a lion, you’re just lying, I’ll laugh in front of you/ Soft hands and a frozen heart/ Ruthless thoughts, it’s hard in New York,” P barks, evoking visions of the five boroughs of the underworld and the blood that flows therein, delivering an offering that captures spitter Mobb Deep hitting on all cylinders.

As the first of two planned posthumous Prodigy albums, The Hegelian Dialectic Volume 2: The Heroine’s Book is the next step in the estate’s plans to continue to build on the late rapper’s legacy.

“Five years ago, our family suffered an immense loss,” his condition shared in a statement. “The music left behind by Prodigy is extremely valuable to all of us. We felt the need and the responsibility to stick with it until we had the groundwork to finish what he was working on and release it to the world. We hope his fans appreciate and support our efforts as we move through this very personal and emotional process. ‘You Will See’ is a treasure trove of new music from Prodigy, no doubt.

Prodigy’s estate also spoke about the rapper’s music returning to streaming sites, thanking fans for their patience and the contributors who helped them create and curate posthumous material the estate will release in the future. “We are extremely grateful to all of the fans for understanding the circumstances that our family had to professionally control at a time of grief, and for the kind words of encouragement we received from many of you,” said a representative of the Estate. “We also want to thank the community of hip hop artists who have come together to help us put together Prodigy’s latest projects. The music belongs to all of you and we are happy to be able to make it available again and forever.

The Hegelian Dialectic Volume 2: The Heroine’s Book—the sequel to 2017 The Book of Revelation and the first album in The Hegelian dialectic trilogy—will be released through ADA/Warner Music Group through The NorthStar Group. Earlier this year, The NorthStar Group made headlines after helping bring the rapper’s discography back to streaming services earlier this year after its catalog was abruptly removed in 2019 due to legal disputes.