Fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing (PLT) has been hit with a ban over a list of products that allegedly sexually exploit women.

The offending listing was for a pair of jeans, seen on, showing an image of a woman wearing the garment, with the front unzipped showing the top of her underwear. The woman was wearing nothing over her top and her hands were crossed over her chest to cover her breasts.

The brand said it strives to use inclusive, body-positive imagery and communication. He said he takes body positivity and free speech very seriously, and the image aims to empower his clients to boost their self-esteem.

PLT also explained that he embraces diversity, empowerment and freedom of expression when shooting his models. Although PLT believes the images in the listing are consistent with its approach, it acknowledged the issue raised and agreed to remove the images from the website.

The ASA concluded that the images objectified the woman due to the fact that the first image was not relevant to the advertised product and the second did not show her face, which suppressed her individuality and drew the viewer’s attention. on his chest.

CAP Code regulations state that marketing communications must be prepared with a sense of responsibility to consumers and society. They also must not contain anything that is likely to cause serious or widespread offense.

He adds that special care should be taken to avoid offending the gender, and marketers are urged to consider audience sensitivities before using potentially offensive material.

For these reasons, the ad should no longer appear in its current form.