A man fleeing from police was seriously injured after being “dragged” under a patrol car when an officer entered the bicycle he was riding, a court said.

Police officer Eugene Acheampong was called over reports of two suspects ‘tampering with parked cars’ when one of them, Arnold Taylor, 46, walked away from the crime scene on his red bike.

Driving a marked BMW police car, Acheampong, 28, chased the suspect, traveling faster than the 20 mph speed limit, when he got too close to the cyclist before “crashing into the road.” “on him, heard the Southwark Crown Court jury on the first Wednesday day of the officer’s trial.

Prosecutor Daniel Fugallo said: “The allegation is that Pc Acheampong was following a man in his police car so closely behind him and at such a speed that it was dangerous.

“Because he was driving dangerously this way, he ended up overturning the bike and driving his police car right over the bike and right over his rider, causing him serious injuries.”

The jury of seven women and five men watched CCTV footage as the collision unfolded in 35 seconds, resulting in cyclist Arnold Taylor lying on Hawke Park Road, Wood Green, north London, with his “face and hands covered in blood “.

The jury looked at body-worn police camera footage that captured the moment the motorcyclist slipped under the marked police vehicle before the accused jumped up to help the injured man “moaning”.

In a statement read to the jury, Mr. Taylor said: “I was facing forward when he hit my back. The next important memory I have is waking up in the hospital.

Paramedics transported the injured cyclist to Royal London Hospital for treatment for his “serious injuries” which included a partially severed left ear; collapsed lungs; a broken front tooth; as well as fractures to the jaw and rib vertebrae, a jury heard.

Although “no flaws” were found that would have contributed to the patrol car crash, “the blue lights were not working,” the jury said.

In his statement, cyclist Mr Taylor added: “I did not hear a siren, I did not see a light or hear the officer call me.”

Wearing a navy blue suit and black tie, Acheampong, of Gainsborough Road, Rainham, had previously denied a charge of causing serious injury by dangerous driving in the crash on August 3, 2019 .

In a prepared statement given during his interview with police in January 2020, the accused claimed that his driving was “safe and reasonable” but that the rider “just seemed to disappear”.

Following a forensic investigation into a collision, it was discovered that Acheampong was traveling at 27 mph when his police car struck the rear wheel of the bicycle, causing it to fall, Mr Recorder Jas Jandu heard.

The trial which began today at Southwark Crown Court was scheduled to last three days.