Mill Hall, Pa. — Josh Beamer, Picture Rocks, has always been a contender for victory in the RaceSaver Sprint Car Division at Clinton County Speedway. On Friday night, Beamer parked his No. 85 in victory lane after a three-car battle for the lead as he found himself in heavy traffic during a nearly nonstop event.

Other winners of the night included: AY Schilling of Linden in the Pro Stock, Jeffrey Weaver of Lock Haven in the 270 Micro Sprints, Cody Hauck of Milton in the 600 Micro Sprints and Blake Snyder of Montgomery in the Four Cylinders.

Dakota Schweikart of Lock Haven and former three-time track champion Daryl Stimeling of Lewistown started in the front row for the event. Schweikart took the lead early with Scranton’s Johnny Smith taking second and fifth-place starter Josh Beamer taking third. On lap six, Smith passed Schweikart, as the leaders began to encounter traffic jams.

As the race continued, the top three raced their way through the traffic at a breakneck pace. Smith would put two cars between him and Schweikart’s second place car and a few laps later Schweikart and Beamer would be on Smith’s rear bumper. By round ten, Smith had his hands full, with Schweikart and Beamer followed by Stimeling and Ken Duke, Jr.

On lap 20, Beamer passed Schweikart and Smith to take the lead. The top three drivers were all in contention as they continued to race through late traffic.

On the white lap, the only warning of the event came out for Owen Dim who spun into turn number two. The restart created a one-turn dash to the checkerboard. Beamer protected the low side entering turns one and two, forcing Smith up the fast lane. Beamer barely held the lead as he and Smith raced hard through turns three and four. On the way out, Smith attempted another move and spun out of turn four, collecting Schweikart, as Beamer crossed the line for the win.

“We’ve been racing RaceSaver for three years now, and I didn’t know if this day would come,” an excited Beamer said in Victory Lane. “I knew Smith was there and I didn’t need that caution on the last lap. I knew my best shot was to protect the bottom.

Ken Duke was second, Jarrett Cavalet third, Garrett Bard fourth and Christian Rumsey rounded out the top five. From sixth to tenth, Tylor Cochran, Jeffrey Weaver, Daryl Stimeling, Dustin Prettyleaf and Ryan Kissinger.

The heat races were won by Scott Lutz, Beamer and Smith. Eric Mathiot won the B-main.

Pro Stock Main Event

Noah Kissinger and AY Schilling started in the front row of the Pro Stock main event. Schilling took the lead as the green flag dropped. Corey Long moved up to second on lap four, pushing Kissinger back to third, followed by Noah Jensen and Brandon Moser.

Midway through the race, Schilling, Long and Moser continued in the top three, as Tommy Dawson and Ray Rothfuss moved into the top five. AJ Stroup moved up to fifth on lap 12. Two laps later, Stoup took fourth place from Rothfuss. Schilling continued to lead every lap to earn his 58th career victory on the Tour, currently second on the all-time winning list.

Long finished second, Moser third, Stroup fourth and Rothfuss fifth. From sixth to tenth, John Bouse, Kissinger, Josh Butler, Thomas Moon and Noah Jensen.

Jensen and Kissinger won the heat races.

270 Micro Sprint Function

Corey Stabley led the first two circuits of the 270 Micro Sprint Feature. Stabley started on the outside of the number one row alongside Mathew Dixon. Late in the third lap, fifth-place starter Jeffrey Weaver found his way to the front and passed Stabley for the lead.

Midway through the race Weaver was being chased by Stabley, Cody Seigel, Brayden Spencer and Timmy Bittner. An eleventh lap warning came out when Levi Brungard’s car came to a stop on the speedway. Weaver was able to fend off challenges from Seigel, followed by Spencer, Bittner and Stabley. Sixth through tenth were Zach Glass, Michael Petock, Logan Hammaker, Devan Blose and Tom Quiggle.

The heat races were won by Sean McAndrew, Glass and Weaver.

600 micro sprints

Timmy Bittner and Cody Hauck brought the 600 Micro Sprints field to the green flag. Hauck took the lead as the duo battled into turn one. Johnny Smith took second place on the second lap and set his sights on Hauck. By the end of the fifth lap, Hauck edged out Smith, Trevor Teats, Jeffrey Weaver and Sierra Hauck. Teats took second place on lap seven. Hauck continued to lead the closing laps to earn his first win of the season over Teats, Weaver, Sierra Hauck and JT Ferry. From sixth to tenth, Mason Peters, Timmy Bittner, Ethan Cunningham, Johnny Smith and Will Fisher.

The heat races were won by Sierra Hauck and Cody Hauck.

Four Cylinder Main Event

In the Four Cylinder main event, Cody Beaver and Donald Wynn started in the top row. Beaver led the first two rounds, as fifth-place starter Blake Snyder battled his way to the front. In round three, Snyder made a pass for the lead.

On lap number 5, the red flag was waved when last week’s winner Hunter Flook rolled his car through turns 1 and 2. The driver was fine. On the restart, Snyder continued to lead with Scott Englert, Beaver, Joey Snook and Anthony Potter in the top five.

The leaders began to encounter traffic jams on lap ten, as Snyder raced towards his first win of the year. Englert, Beaver, Snook and Potter complete the top five. From sixth to tenth, Chris Small, Donald Wynn, Adam Harris, Toby Maines and Damian Hand.

The heat races were won by Andrew Rickets, Flook and Dylan Craft.

Clinton County Speedway will feature the Limited Late Models this Friday night, May 6. Also on the card will be the Pro Stocks, 270 Pickups and 4 Cylinders.

Doors will open at 5 p.m. and racing will begin at 7 p.m. For the latest speedway information, visit or follow us on our social networks, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

SPRINT CARS: 1. Josh Beamer 2. Ken Duke Jr. 3. Jarrett Cavalet 4. Garrett Bard 5. Christopher Rumsey 6. Tylor Cochran 7. Jeffrey Weaver 8. Daryl Stimeling 9. Dustin Prettyleaf 10. Ryan Kissinger 11. Cory Brungard 12 Scott Lutz 13. Johnny Smith 14. Dakota Schweikart 15. Dale Schweikart 16. Austin Greenland 17. Ryan Lynn 18. Zach Rhodes 19. Timmy Bittner 20. Kyle Knopp 21. Owen Dimm 22. Levi Brungard 23. Eric Mathiot 24. Mariah Romig DNS Erick Knopp, Kruz Kepner, Wyatt Walizer

PRO STOCKS: 1. AY Schilling 2. Cory Long 3. Brandon Moser 4. AJ Stroup 5. Ray Rothfuss 6. Johnny Bouse 7. Noah Kissinger 8. Josh Butler 9. Thomas Moon 10. Noah Jensen 11. Robert Tressler 12. Logan Hile 13. Rich Fye 14. Kris Orwig 15. Mike Wright 16. Todd Geyer 17. Kurt Wray

270 MICRO SPRINTS: 1. Jeffrey Weaver 2. Cody Seigel 3. Brayden Spencer 4. Timmy Bittner 5. Cory Stabley 6. Zach Glass 7. Michael Petock 8. Logan Hammaker 9. Devan Blose 10. Tom Quiggle 11. Mac Wert 12. Levi Brungard 13. Shaun Musser 14. Evan Dickey 15. Mitchell Holden 16. Lee Daugherty 17. Larry Dickey 18. Josie Wendy 19. Matt Dixon 20. Sean McAndrew 21. Matthew Dixon 22. Ryan McAndrew 23. Tyler Clowes

600 MICROSPRINTS: 1. Cody Hauck 2. Trevor Teats 3. Jeffrey Weaver 4. Sierra Hauck 5. JT Ferry 6. Mason Peters 7. Timmy Bittner 8. Ethan Cunningham 9. Johnny Smith 10. Will Fisher 11. Mike Swisher 12. Chad Waite 13. Mitchell Holden 14. Nick Wood

FOUR CYLINDERS: 1. Blake Snyder 2. Scott Englert 3. Cody Beaver 4. Joey Snook 5. Anthony Potter 6. Chris Small 7. Donald Wynn 8. Adam Harris 9. Toby Maines 10. Damion Hand 11. Zach Rill 12. Tim Teneych 13. Jimmy Delozier 14. Terry Karichner 15. Summer Beachel, 16. Robert Dorman 17. Andrew Rickets 18. Hunter Flook 19. Bryan Hackenberg 20. Dylan Craft 21. Brett Shirk 22. Brook e Peters 23. Brian Haagen 24. Coty Maine

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