While several big-name teams are engrossed in a battle in the top four, some will have to console themselves by qualifying for the Europa League while many upstarts aim to sneak into the top seven.

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The likes of Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham and West Ham are battling to finish in the top four and Wolves have an outside chance but are more likely to be part of a six-team group hoping to slip seventh at the expense of one of them. first four.

Below, we focus on the standings, fixtures and analysis of the top four prospects for the teams in the hunt, and we’ll be updating this article weekly as the season draws to a close.

Premier League run-in: Europa League battle – As it stands

4th: Manchester United – 50 points (29 games) GD +8
5th: Arsenal – 48 points (25 games) GD +12
6th: West Ham – 45 points (28 games) GD +11
7th: Tottenham – 45 points (27 games) GD +7
8th: Wolves – 43 points (28 games) GD +5
9th: Aston Villa — 36 points (27 games) GD +3
10th: Southampton — 35 points (28 games) GD -8
11th: Crystal Palace — 33 points (28 games) GD +1
12th: Leicester City — 33 points (25 games) GD -3
13th: Brighton and Hove Albion — 33 points (28 games) GD -8


In terms of league momentum for the top four, it would be hard to imagine the Gunners breaking out of the top seven given their current form and ongoing fixtures. Arsenal showed their ability to tighten up in one-goal games but also put games in the win column in the early 90s.

Games remaining: Leicester (H), Aston Villa (A), Crystal Palace (A), Brighton (H), Southampton (A), Manchester United (H), West Ham (A), Leeds (H), Newcastle United (A) , Everton (H). Date to be determined: Tottenham (A), Chelsea (A), Liverpool (H)
Evaluate their chances: 35% (95% for UEL or UCL)

Manchester United

Ralf Rangnick’s side are struggling for confidence and also have a pretty tough run-in, but they beat Tottenham so maybe that will give them some confidence as they still have Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea to come on the fixture list. Personalities are also a problem at United, where Rangnick has also found particular favorites to prevent Marcus Rashford from finding his groove. At this stage, the UEL seems acquired.

Games remaining: Liverpool (A), Leicester (H), Everton (A), Norwich (H), Arsenal (A), Brentford (H), Brighton (A), Chelsea (H), Crystal Palace (A)
Evaluate their chances: 30% (90% for UEL or UCL)

West Ham

The Hammers’ extended run in the top four should again be hailed, but it would be a real surprise to see them discuss anything but another Europa League run the rest of the season. Do they need a big stumble from Spurs, Arsenal and Man United, or are they the easy class of the ‘other’ group and fit for seventh place.

Games remaining: Aston Villa (H), Tottenham (A), Everton (H), Brentford (H), Burnley (H), Chelsea (A), Arsenal (H), Norwich (A), Man City (H), Brighton ( A)
Evaluate their chances: 20% (21% for UEL or UCL)


Antonio Conte has expressed concern (repeatedly) about the quality of the Spurs squad, but the fixture list and star power in North London makes them much more likely to surprise and take fourth place than to completely stumble off the top. Seven.

Games remaining: Brighton (A), West Ham (H), Newcastle (H), Aston Villa (A), Brighton (H), Brentford (A), Leicester (H), Liverpool (A), Burnley (H), Norwich City (A). Date to be determined: Arsenal (H)
Evaluate their chances: 30% (80% for UEL or UCL)


Okay, so they still have a slim chance, but their form over the past week has all but ended their unlikely push into the top four. Bruno Lage’s side faltered in attack and lost three games in a row to Arsenal, West Ham and Crystal Palace. They have a tough run-in and if they finish in the top seven they will be happy with their season.

Games remaining: Everton (A), Leeds (A), Aston Villa (A), Newcastle (A), Manchester City (A), Burnley (A), Brighton (A), Chelsea (A), Norwich City (A), Liverpool (A)
Evaluate their chances: 15 percent


Southampton has a “Why not us?” feel about them (5%) and crystal palace may not have the depth to continue their efforts until May (5%), while AstonVilla will have a better manager than many think if Steven Gerrard pushes them above the fray (4%). Leicester Cityoddly enough, could just repeat the statement from above, but add injury issues preventing them from better positioning themselves in this run… and the Foxes are healthy with Wesley Fofana nearing a comeback (7%). Brighton has the commitment and the system to get here but probably not enough regular markers to hold off the field (2%).