For all brides, having their mother by their side on their wedding day is very important. However, not all can be so lucky. To pay tribute to her late relative, a Pakistani bride entered the wedding venue with her late mother’s portrait in hand, leaving tears in her eyes at the event and also online.

In a video circulating the internet, a woman is seen dressed as a bride – adorned with chunky jewelry and a gorgeous dark red lehenga – as she holds her mother’s photo frame. Holding the hand of her father, who was also visibly sentimental, the bride’s unique entrance took everyone on an emotional roller coaster.

Like the popular song ‘Chunar’ is heard playing in the background, she is received by her future husband on stage, who comforts her on her special day. With many family members in tears, the video touched many hearts on the internet.

Shared on Instagram, the poignant video garnered over 2.5 lakh of views in less than a day.

“Dedicated to all the girls who have lost their mothers,” X Productions wrote online, sharing the clip.

The comments section of the video was quickly inundated with heartfelt messages for the bride. Many found it heartbreaking, but said it was a great way to honor the dead and that his blessing will always be with his daughter.