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BENGALURU: Since the pandemic set in, we haven’t been able to touch or hold anyone. The hands are a very important part of sharing this emotion. He has tremendous powers to express his emotions, ”says popular artist Shan Re. His latest work, which was shortlisted for exhibit at the Chicago-based Terrain Biennial 2021, portrays these thoughts. By the way, Re’s daughter Romicon Revola will also be showing her artwork as part of the show.

In keeping with this year’s theme, “Keep in touch”, the artists used human emotions as the basis of their work. The idea behind the exhibition is to reuse private spaces such as front yards, porches, windows and turn them into public spaces to share a message and converse with neighbors. This aims to provide opportunities for artists and viewers to “experience perspectives”.

Using the pandemic as a peg, Shan’s installation uses images of hands to depict the underlying emotions the pandemic has evoked. “It is the means by which we express ourselves and the outward manifestation of the inner ability to deal with our reality and our experiences,” says Re, who collected thoughts and feelings about the pandemic and used different colors to talk about it. . Whether it’s sayings like “I feel isolated”, “Being alive is a gift”, “Killing Covid”, “Reflecting on my trip”, “Containment fatigue”, or various emoticons to express feelings , the installation says them all.

By installing her in Langford Town at her friend’s residence, Re’s work will be hung on the balcony for viewing. “As an artist and art therapist, I want to spread positivity and hope through various social media platforms. I help them come to terms with the uncertainty and stay connected, ”she says.

Daughter Revola’s installation will also be on display at Rajarajeshwari Nagar in a two-story building in her friend’s house. “During lockdowns, texting was our main mode of communication. He teleported us to where we wanted to be through phrases and characters. It also allowed us to share our fears and hopes, ”she says.

This is why his art revolves around the concept of the “human alphabet” and is a text-based work of art that combines typography and figurative elements. She adds: “Smiles are the key”, “Stay safe” and “Kindness is contagious” were the most commonly used phrases. All of this has been incorporated into my work.
Both installations will be on display from October 2 to November 15 in Langford Town and Rajarajeshwari Nagar for public viewing.