A Reddit user shared a confusing optical illusion that left a lot of people confused

An optical illusion has people perplexed as it shows six women but, at first glance, only five pairs of legs.

The image shows five women seated and another perched on the right arm of the bench.

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What’s the confusion?

Initially, it looks like a set of legs is missing somewhere, and a Reddit user shared the image online to try and figure it out.

People started to share their theories, with some saying the girl on the left had her legs on top of one of her friends, but others thought the picture didn’t “add up”.

One person said, “The first girl is sitting on the second girl’s legs.”

And another wrote: “Number one has his legs crossed, no tear in his knee.

“Number two only has one leg visible, the tear is in his knee. Those legs get mixed up. (Follow that tear, there’s a split where there’s a sock on the right, not the left. Number two has a tear in the knee and a visible white sock).

Someone else added, “I actually think the first girl has her legs draped over the second girl’s legs.”

With another person saying, “Numbers two and three are very leaning.”

A Reddit user thought he had it figured out, focusing on the second girl from the left.

They said, “His pants are the same color and almost blend together. You can see the difference where there is a bit of sock/skin on top of the boot.