One Direction were the most successful boy band of the 2010s, selling millions of albums and playing sold-out shows around the world.

Former star Louis Tomlinson, meanwhile, had a lot to say about the band’s debut album.

The 30-year-old singer claims One Direction’s 2011 debut album ‘Up All Night’ fell short of the previous four studio albums they had released.

Despite his remarks, the record sold 4.5 million copies worldwide, becoming One Direction the first British band to achieve a number one debut album in the United States.

Tomlinson was the oldest member of the former group formed by ‘The X Factor’ judges in 2010.

Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan are all 28, while Zayn Malik is 29.

The Doncaster-born singer recalled the band’s formation in an Australian podcast early last week. He does, however, have something unexpected to say about the band’s debut album, which has been released.

“The band started twelve years ago today, but the first record was st.”

The ‘Back To You’ hitmaker also admitted he felt pressure as a solo artist to replicate the hit One Direction, which quickly became a global sensation.

“There’s always pressure to make a solid record…and I have to find my feet coming out of a band as huge as One Direction,” revealed Louis Tomlinson, who is working on his second solo album.

But Tomlinson wasn’t the only one with something to say about One Direction songs.

Malik, who left One Direction abruptly in 2015, said in 2016 that the band’s music was “generic as crap”, adding that “it wasn’t for me”.

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It comes 12 years after Simon Cowell made a snide remark to Liam Payne while premiering One Direction on ‘The X Factor’ in a never-before-seen video.

Unaired video from the show said Payne was the fourth youngster introduced to training, with Cowell reiterating Payne’s belief that he was ‘better’ than anyone else in the group, making him appear ‘arrogant “.

Payne admitted to being the band’s “honorary member” on Logan Paul’s podcast last month.

The footage also reveals that Horan was the first boy removed from the pile to create the Styles, Tomlinson, Payne, and Malik group along with Styles, Tomlinson, Payne, and Malik.

Nicole Scherzinger, a judge at the time, said, “They’re just too good to give up. On stage, they have the proper looks and personality.”

“They’re like little stars, so you can’t get rid of them – you put them all together.”

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