After taking a long break from releasing new material, Nikki Lane is back in the saddle. The singer-songwriter has given the world the release of her bold, family-inspired new album, Denin & Diamonds.

During a social media update, Lane confessed his struggles to find inspiration to continue writing and says his family stories played a big part in making this record happen:

“…this record is about revisiting the past – taking note of how it brought you to the present – ​​then blowing it a kiss as you charge into whatever the future holds.”

The album is filled with songs inspired by Lane’s hometown and family and came at a high time for the singer-songwriter – days after his grandfather passed away.

“Yesterday my family buried my grandfather in South Carolina – with a bottle of Coca-Cola in hand – in the small town ‘First High’ is about.

The same family that inspired the lyrics to ‘Born Tough’ and ‘Pass It Down’ – and also the pain of a song like ‘Faded’.

The same family that raised a small-town girl to feel like she could do anything, and you can’t say shit.

Denim & Diamonds comes after a well deserved break for Lane. The talented musician, warrior and entrepreneur has been keeping busy since the release of her third album, 2017 Queen of the highway.

Her schedule included several tours, working with Lana Del Rey, and running her own vintage clothing business.

Lane expresses her gratitude to her label New West Records, its management and Josh Homme – the frontman of Queens of the Stone Age – who, fortunately for all of us, helped her see that she had a lot to share with the world. She says working with Homme was a great experience and he really helped bring the songs to life. Regarding Homme Lane said:

“Thank you, Josh Homme, for being the most faithful representation of rock and roll and inviting me into your orbit.”

The studio band consisted of Queens of the Stone Age collaborators, guitarist Alain Johanna, organist Dean Fertita and bassist Michael Shuman.

Lane continued:

“The group was all aces, and the thoughtful way Josh pushed me to the front of the pack – it ignited a fire inside me that had dwindled to a flicker, and I remembered the why I love making music.”

Some lyrics from the title track “Denim & Diamonds” sound like the breakthrough that led her to keep creating:

“I started counting all my little problems
And the doors that I should probably close
Well, it turns out things aren’t quite what they seem
So might as well say what I mean
Well here we go
i can do what i want
All by my loneliness
If that’s a problem, well, you can’t talk shit
Because I go my way…”

Here are some early favourites:


good enough

pass it on