To all the newly married couples here: It’s been a month or two since you were married. 7 days after starting your two month wedding anniversary you are all excited and planning a surprise date, dinner and buying tons of gifts for your partner, but he / she forgets the same. You would be furious, but suddenly remember that your partner is the reason for your celebration. And so, you two burst out laughing! Such a cute birthday celebration, isn’t it? Although we are not sure if the same happened with the Pandya couple, but we bet Nihaar Pandya never fails to amaze his beautiful wife, Neeti Mohan Pandya. (Read: Deeya Chopra Mehta Shares First Glimpse Of 10-Day-Old Baby Boy, Reveals Baby’s Name)

Neeti Mohan Pandya and her husband, Nihaar Pandya became each other on February 15, 2019, with great fanfare among family members at Falaknuma Palace in Lucknow. With Nihaar and Neeti occasionally sharing glimpses of their traditional Indian wedding, it only makes us want more! At the end of their month-long anniversary on March 15, 2019, Nihaar took to Instagram and posted a beautiful video of their wedding, captioned: “@ neetimohan18 with you time flies. Today we have 1 month. More love for you. @shekharravjiani Thank you bhai for this fun wedding song. When you say, it’s a little cheesy. Well, in this case it’s the New Amazing. Many thanks to @vishaldadlani @bennydayalofficial @harshdeepkaurmusic @jonitamusic @shalmiaow and @shekharravjiani once again for singing #PremSagarMeinNeetiAurNihaar Memory for a Lifetime. I love you guys. See you for the after party !! Video courtesy of super @meghaisrani @israniphotography. Here is the video:

And today, April 15, 2019, Nihaar Pandya and Neeti Mohan Pandya have completed 2 months of complicity, and as usual, the first did not fail to post a beautiful photo accompanied by a still beautiful message for his wife . Share a photo of their Haldi celebration, where they stood together, looking in the same direction hand in hand, the adoring husband wrote, “With your hand in mine, 2 months have gone wonderfully. @ neetimohan18. “

Neeti Mohan Pandya and her husband, Nihaar Pandya

It was February 20, 2019, five days after their wedding, when Neeti Mohan Pandya and Nihaar Pandya posted the very first photo of their wedding and shared a lovely thank you note with their fans, also sharing an update on the father. by Neeti. , Brij Mohan’s health because he had fallen ill during the marriage. The Ishq Wala Amour The singer’s note could read as follows: “With the blessings of family, friends and sympathizers, we are happily married. Dad’s health is improving every day. The Mohan and Pandya family THANK YOU for your continued love and support. “

Neeti Mohan and Nihaar Pandya

In an interview with SpotboyE, Neeti Mohan revealed how Cupid hit the duo with his sharpest arrow. She shared: “We both have strong and quite similar values. I think Jimmy knew that, and trust me, he was pretty sure we were going to click. He introduced us at a wedding, where Nihaar was accompanied by his parents. They met me very warmly and there was an instant connection not only with Nihaar but also with members of his family ”. (Must read: Alia Bhatt kisses her ex-boyfriend, Sidharth Malhotra’s current girlfriend Tara Sutaria)

Neeti Mohan and Nihaar Pandya

Do you know that Neeti Mohan Pandya’s father, Brij Mohan Sharma, loved his damned, Nihaar Pandya, at the time he had met him? Revealing much the same, Neeti had shared in an interview: “Nihaar met my parents. My father loved him almost instantly. He kept saying, “I have four daughters. Why are none of them getting married? How did she know she was looking for the right guy? Neeti revealed, “Yeah, like I said almost instantly, and my belief just got stronger day by day.”

Neeti Mohan Pandya had spoken about marriage and how love had grown between her and now her husband, Nihaar Pandya at The Kapil Sharma Show. The Nainowale Ne The actress had shared, “A friend of mine was a member of Aasma, the band that Neeti was a part of when she started her career. I asked her several times to introduce us but it never happened. Coincidentally, I met her in Goa at the same friend’s wedding almost a year ago, and that’s when our love affair began.

Neeti Mohan and Nihaar Pandya

Nihaar Pandya then also explained how he asked the “big question” to Neeti Mohan and his reaction. The Manikarnika ‘and at that precise moment, a phoolon ki baarish occurred ”. And the rest, as they say, is history! (Also read: Virat Kohli talks about his wife, Anushka Sharma and how she is the guiding light in his life)

Neeti Mohan Pandya and her husband, Nihaar Pandya

We wish Neeti Mohan Pandya and her husband Nihaar Pandya a very happy two month wedding anniversary and lots of things to come!

Images and cover courtesy: Neeti Mohan, Nihaar Pandya