The 2021 NFL season is in double-digit weeks and closer to the end of its new 17-game schedule. It’s time to check out the updated standings again and what the week 14 playoff picture looks like.

The league has retained its expanded field of play, with 14 of its 32 teams (43.8%) set to advance to the final playoffs. This includes 7 each from the AFC and NFC, with only the No.1 seeds securing passes in addition to the home court advantage.

Who would be, who is still in contention and who should be thinking about next season? Here’s a full rundown:

The chefs, the Steelers, the dolphins climb; The 49ers, Ravens and Vikings go missing for week 14

NFL Ranking for Week 14

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Who would be in it?

1. New England Patriots (9-4), first place, AFC East. The Patriots entered Monday night’s Week 13 closing game at the Bills with the seed in hand following the Ravens loss, but with the win they stay here no matter what in Week 14, owning all the key tiebreakers. The Patriots are backed by a dazzling AFC in-game record (7-1) with a welcome late goodbye. Remaining time: at IND, against BUF, against JAX, at MIA

2. Tennessee Titans (9-4), first place, AFC South. The Titans kept pace with the lost Patriots, excluding the Jaguars in an easy expected win in Week 14. Tennessee still have a weak list to help their seeded cause. The Titans’ Division lead over the Cotls is two powerful games and they also swept them away earlier in the season. Remaining time: at PIT, against SF, against MIA, at HOU

3. Kansas City Chiefs (9-4), first place, AFC West. The Chiefs had no trouble dealing with divisional rival Raiders for their sixth straight win in Week 14, further bolstering their march to another West title. including a previous loss to the Titans. Remaining time: at LAC, vs. PIT, CIN, DEN

4. Baltimore Ravens (8-5), first place, AFC North. The Ravens lost Lamar Jackson and the Week 14 game to Cleveland, despite a comeback fight in last place with substitute QB Tyler Huntley. They don’t really get a break from their schedules as they continue to try to overcome an overwhelming amount of injuries from one wire to another. They’ll fall for a wild card if the Bengals beat the 49ers. Remaining time: vs GB, at CIN, vs LAR, vs PIT

5. Los Angeles Chargers (8-5), second place, AFC West. The Chargers kept pace with the Cheifs by beating the Giants as scheduled in Sunday’s Week 14 late afternoon window. They are one game behind but hold the one-on-one tiebreaker ahead of the home rematch in Los Angeles in Week 15. Remaining time: against KC, at HOU, against DEN, at LV

6. Indianapolis Colts (7-6), second place, AFC South. The Colts didn’t play while enjoying their Week 14 break hugely because the Bengals’ loss put them in the playoff position against the Bills, who they beat, despite the Chargers and Broncos winning. The Colts have an immediate challenge trying to stay here by hosting the Patriots in Week 15. Remaining time: against NE, at ARI, against LV, at JAX

7. Buffalo Bills (7-6), second place, AFC Est. The Bills eventually showed a bit of a fight by rallying to push the Buccaneers to overtime in Tampa, but they still couldn’t bounce back in Week 14, losing again after falling in another close game against the Patriots to close Week 13 Monday night. They hang on to last place in the playoffs against the same-record Browns, Bengals and Broncos. Remaining time: against CAR, at NE, against ATL, NYJ.

Who can go there?

8. Cleveland Browns (7-6)
9. Cincinnati Bengals (7-6)
10. Denver Broncos (7-6)
11. Pittsburgh Steelers (6-6-1)

The inactive Colts saw the Browns tie their record as the Steelers failed to reach 7-5-1 as they lost to the Vikings to open Week 14 on Thursday night. The Broncos did the same to go over 0.500, which the Raiders failed to do.

Who is about to go out?

12. Las Vegas Raiders (6-7)
13. Miami Dolphins (6-7)
14. New York Jets (3-10)
15. Houston Texans (2-11)
16. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-11)

Being below 0.500 in the loaded AFC made it difficult to do any kind of racing in the past five weeks with so many teams stranded. The Dolphins are pointing upwards while the Raiders struggle to match their record. The eliminated Jets, Texans and Jaguars remain just ahead of the NFC Lions.

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Who would be in it?

1. Arizona Cardinals (10-2), first place, NFC West. The Cardinals crushed the Bears in Week 13 with Kyler Murray leading the offense in big, familiar things running and passing. Their defense also reversed with the rush for passes and takeouts to keep Chicago down. The Cardinals are expected to have a two-game lead before a key Week 14 rematch with the Rams at home on Monday night. Remaining time: at DET, vs IND, at DAL, vs SEA

2. Green Bay Packers (10-3), first place, NFC North. The Packers passed the Buccaneers again, defeating the Bears on Sunday night and tying the record for defending Super Bowl champions. They improved their conference record to a spectacular level. As well as beating the Cardinals, this is how a loss for the Cardinals can push them to No.1 at the end of Week 14. Remaining time: at BAL, vs CLE, vs MIN, at DET

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (10-3), first place, NFC South. The Buccaneers continued to compete for the No.1 seed as they remained perfect at home with their overtime survival against the AFC Bills. They’ve been through their last tough game and have a weak division schedule, with the Jets providing another respite in Week 17. It should be a three-team race to the end. Remaining time: vs NO, to CAR, to NYJ, vs CAR

4. Dallas Cowboys (9-4), first place, NFC Est. The Cowboys stayed here and moved closer to victory in the division by hanging on to Wasington in Week 14, building on their Week 13 road victory in New Orleans. They now hold a three-game lead over Washington and the Eagles with just four games to go, three of them in the Division playing around a tough date with the Cardinals. Going up will be tough given the consistency of play for the Cardinals, Packers and Buccaneers. Remaining time: at NYG, against WAS, against ARI, at PHI

5. Los Angeles Rams (8-4), second place, NFC West. The Rams remained two full games behind the Cardinals with their expected Week 13 win over the Jaguars at home before getting another shot against the Cardinals, whom they lost to at home. The Rams also fell to the team behind them in the division, the 49ers, but have a two-game lead there. Remaining time: vs SEA, MIN, BAL, vs SF

6.San Francisco 49ers (7-6), third place, NFC West. The 49ers bounced back from their Seahawks’ loss in Week 13 by winning an overtime thriller against the Bengals in Cincinnati in Week 14. They are now the only NFC team with their exact one-game above record. of .500, placing them just behind the Rams, whom they beat. Remaining time: against ATL, at TEN, against HOU, at LAR

7. Washington Soccer Team (6-7), second place, NFC East. Washington lost to the Cowboys in Week 14 to pretty much kill their hopes for a divisional victory, but remained in the last wildcard position now behind the 49ers with a higher conference record than other 6- teams. 7, the Eagles and the Vikings. Remaining time: at PHI, at DAL, against PHI, at NYG

Who can go there?

8. Philadelphia Eagles (6-7)
9. Minnesota Vikings (6-7)
10. Atlanta Falcons (6-7)
11. Saints of New Orleans (6-7)
12. Carolina Panthers (5-8)
13. Seattle Seahawks (5-8)
14. Chicago Bear (4-8)
15. Giants of New York (4-9)

The Falcons, Vikings and Saints all won in Week 14 to tie the loss of Washington and the inactive Eagles and put more pressure on the 49ers to make the last two NFC jokers an absolute mess. The Panthers continue to fade and the Seahawks try to make a late push.

Who is about to go out?

16. Detroit Lions (1-11-1)

The Lions scored their first victory in spectacular fashion after coming out tight against the Steelers, Browns and Bears. They played a major role in the Vikings spoiler and may make it to a few other teams. But they were officially eliminated from the playoffs in 2021.