Idle hands and Antonio Brown on Twitter are apparently the devil’s workshop. The former NFL wide receiver found himself in another title for online antics. This time, he once again took aim at his former teammate, Tom Brady, posting a nude photoshopped photo of Brady’s ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen.

NFL fans on Twitter did their part by tweeting their thoughts on the matter:

Antonio Brown up at 8 a.m. posting a photo of Brady’s ex-wife is crazy. This man is really sick or he just needs some attention. #NFL

why did tf antonio brown post a fake nude of gisele on his snap and why so soon😭😭😭

Others joked about the prospect of Brown and Bündchen dating post-divorce:

Tom Brady seeing Gisele with Antonio Brown after divorce

Antonio Brown to Gisèle after divorce rumors

The poor quality of the photoshop itself was an issue in itself:

@MKPGH Isn’t he an Avatar character?

Antonio Brown posted this badly photoshopped nude photo of Gisele on his snapchat this morning. Dude is 🦇💩

why did tf antonio brown post a fake nude of gisele on his snap and why so soon😭😭😭

Antonio Brown has been busy trolling NFL quarterbacks

Antonio Brown has a lot of free time these days, especially in November when he would usually be on the football pitch. The former wide receiver in recent days has shot Derek Carr, Aaron Rodgers and even his former Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammate Tom Brady.

Brown managed to snap a picture of a heavier Derek Carr (to state he bet on the Raiders to win). He’s taken a shot at Aaron Rodgers’ poor play lately. He has now posted another edited photo of Tom Brady’s ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen. This all happened in a week.

Brady is perhaps the one that makes sense from a familiarity standpoint. However, Brown never caught an official pass from Carr and he was never on the same team as Rodgers. Either way, with time to kill and a slew of social media followers, Brown doesn’t hold back when it comes to speaking his mind.

As for the three quarterbacks who have been the targets of Brown’s trolling, only Brady looks set for a playoff run. Carr and the Raiders are still 3-7 for the season, while Rodgers and the Packers are 4-7 after upsetting the Dallas Cowboys in Week 10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, at 5 -5, sit atop the NFC South and are currently the fourth seed in the NFC playoff standings.

If Antonio Brown plays in the NFL again, it likely won’t be with the Green Bay Packers or the hot-weather NFL team Brady will sign for next.

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