Released on Centaur Records, the album contains two world premiere recordings

Polish-American violinist Kinga Augustyn recently released her latest album, “Grażyna Bacewicz: A Portrait”, on Centaur Records. The disc combines all of Bacewicz’s works for solo violin with several works for violin and piano, plus two works that have never been recorded before.

With the release of this album, Augustyn became the first violinist to record a complete set of works by Bacewicz for solo violin — an honor she takes very seriously.

“It is certainly a privilege and it makes me happy to spotlight this wonderful music by a great composer,” she told The Violin Channel.

The works chosen for the album encompass a range of moods, scenes and colors: the solo works frequently show the heroic virtuosity of the violin, while the violin-piano works are often more reflective and impressionistic.

Augustyn describes some of the solo works as “quite ‘masculine'”, composed by a woman who didn’t have it easy (partly because of her gender and the political situation in Poland) and who fought for her place in society that would correspond to the level of his ability and art.”

So she chose to juxtapose the virtuoso solo works with more tender violin-piano duets, like the evocative “Stained Glass” and the singsong “Lullaby.”

“[Bacewicz’s solo works] are so unique, creative and interesting that it amazes me they haven’t been played or heard before,” Augustyn told The Violin Channel.

“On the other hand, I have to admit that despite being born and raised in Poland, I didn’t know much about Grażyna Bacewicz until about three years ago, when I discovered his incredible musical world through the Solo Violin Sonata No. 2 (included on my previous album “Turning in Time”).”

“My goal for this album is to help raise awareness of Grażyna Bacewicz’s music and inspire others to explore and program her impressive works in concerts,” she continued.

“I would like to see the contents of this album (as well as many other of his works) become part of a frequently played standard repertoire. If my recording can play a part in sparking such interest, I would truly honored, because I’m just very passionate about this music.”

The Scrapbook is available on all platforms including Amazon, Apple Music and Spotify.