Over the past few months, multi-instrumentalist, internet sensation and frequent Dave Grohl collaborator Nandi Bushell has been busy honing her skills behind the drums and microphone.

However, the up-and-coming musician recently took to Twitter to provide a timely reminder that, in case you’ve forgotten, she’s also a dab hand with an electric guitar in her arms, and flexed her skills to six strings with a faithful cover of Jimi Hendrix. small wing.

Armed with his “Peace”-adorned Fender Stratocaster HSS and outfitted with a slanted humbucker and generous slapback delay, Bushell does light work of the silky intra-chord flourishes of the 1976 track, dancing through the hammer at double stop and the pull-off. pentatonic passages and embellishments with impressive ease.

The tone is spot on too, with just the right amount of low-end juice to punctuate those deep, open-string bass roots and a sweet dose of high-end sizzle for chromatic licks. This is just the intro, so hopefully a full version will be released in the future.

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“Peace, Love and Respect!” Bushell wrote on Twitter. “This is small wing by Jimi Hendrix, one of my favorite Hendrix songs. I spent this week relaxing, getting out of school and jamming.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Bushell behind the neck of one of his favorite guitars. Just over a week ago, she set up her mic and teamed up with Tom Morello, Julien Baker, Serj Tankian and more for an Afghan charity single, God help us all.

Before that, she had been particularly active on her YouTube channel, donning her drumsticks for an Ed Sheeran cover and the new version of Bring Me The Horizon. Bad habitsby Rush Tom Sawyer and tools Forty-six & 2.

As for her guitar-related escapades, Bushell received Matt Bellamy’s signature Manson MBM-1 as a gift from Muse frontman himself, was praised by The Pixies for her looping cover of Where is my Mind? and earned Flea’s stamp of approval for her rendition of Red Hot Chili Peppers Under the bridge.

She also built a formidable partnership with Dave Grohl, with whom she teamed up on stage to perform Foo Fighters’ Always during the group’s concert at the LA Forum last August.

Morello is also on Nandi Bushell’s list of regular collaborators, having united with the maestro of Rage for a moving anthem on climate change, The children stand up. He also gifted Bushell his signature Fender Soul Power Stratocaster, which she used to cover Audioslave. cochise.