my hero academia has been around for years now, and it has accumulated all kinds of projects. From an anime to its live-action scenes, the shonen series is one of the most important in anime to date. Of course, his manga leads the charge and it’s full of side stories to keep fans entertained. And now one of them has released a new poster about Kaminari Denki and Yaoyorozu Momo.

As you can see below, the artwork is courtesy of My Hero Academia: Team Missions. The side story just released its newest chapter in 2022, and the manga took the time to highlight several heroes in color.

Kaminari is in the middle of it all with her legs stretched out and her arms up to the sky. The blonde hero gives two thumbs up before his big mission, and Kaminari looks as loose as ever in his black and white costume.

As for Yaoyorozu, the hero still looks the same with his pinned up black hair. She dons her uniform’s winter cape and seems to be making a ton of nesting dolls for this blanket. Closer inspection shows that these figures are all painted after Class 1-A, and Eraser Head is made by Yaoyorozu in this photo.

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And of course, there’s another familiar face in this snap. Hatsume Mei is in the upper left corner with a key in her hand. The prodigal support student is known for inventing all kinds of babies, so Hatsume worked with Class 1-A for her fair share. Now, my hero academia is ready to give her a mission, and you know the pink-haired girl will have fun equipping Kaminari and Yaoyorozu with tech.

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