Our first look at Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer component crept in early thanks to a now-deleted Instagram post from a Los Angeles Rams NFL player, revealing the game’s lobby as well as a number of returning features.

While Modern Warfare 2 is apparently only weeks away from its multiplayer beta, we’ve yet to see the latest iteration of the game online. After first revealing single-player gameplay on June 8, Call of Duty fans had to be patient with a full multiplayer deep dive.

Before Infinity Ward could prepare its own preview, however, our first look at Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer offering has now leaked online. Thanks to an initial playtest involving a number of NFL athletes, we now know a bit about what to expect.

LA Rams player Cameron Dicker briefly shared an image of his first session with the game on his Instagram reel on August 2. Moments later, that accidental leak was deleted and replaced with a more generic image of the game’s cover art instead. But the internet being the internet, that first image continues to make waves.

Through this leaked screenshot, we see all the typical functionality of a CoD lobby screen. There’s the player list on the right side, configuration options, a preview of the game mode at a glance, as well as a map preview in the lower right corner.

Speaking of the latter, we now have confirmation on a previously leaked museum map. The Valderas Museum is the official name of the venue, immersing players in a bustling summer day in Spain.

This first image also confirmed CoDCaster’s return for another year. This crucial feature allows viewers to view any given match, thus allowing the Call of Duty League to function properly.

Unsurprisingly, Play, Weapons, Operators, and Barracks sit at the top of the lobby screen, allowing players to switch between menus and customize both their gear and appearance, as well as check challenge progress, stats, etc.

While plans could always change in the final weeks before launch, it’s safe to assume that much of that lobby screen will remain in place for the final release. If not, we’ll be sure to let you know.