There were big cheers for Tuch and Peterka when they were announced in the starting lineup. More cheering for Tuch after a welcome to Buffalo video the team put together and recognized during a TV timeout, and for his first assist.

“It was really nice to see a lot of support,” Tuch said. “The fans came out and they gave us a lot of energy and they were really excited. We failed, but I thought they were buzzing in the arena tonight and it was a lot of fun being a part of it.”

Speaking to these guys over the past few days, there has been a lot of vivid conversation about the big picture here.

There was Krebs’ maturity, wise beyond his 20s, talking about how he was going to be his own player and not worrying about being a key business element for Eichel.

Additionally, Krebs explained that he had had several conversations with Adams and had formed relationships with other key prospects in Rochester – as he said these players were fortunate enough to be together here until their 30s.

It reminds you of Ryan Miller & Co. in Rochester in 2004-05, doesn’t it?

“It’s obviously in the right direction. I think everyone in the room is feeling it,” said Thompson, who has 12 goals and could be the team’s All-Star representative this season. “I think it’s a fun atmosphere to be a part of. I think everyone there believes in each other and believes in what we see for ourselves in the future in terms of a team and organization. I think everyone wants to be a part of this. “