The first look at the director Shaun Paul Piccininothe new movie The Island was published by MSR Media. The enlarged image features the actor Michael Jai White and Edouard Costa engaged in high-octane hand-to-hand combat while the latter clutches a knife, giving audiences a taste of the crime thriller to come.

The feature film, which is currently in post-production, is based on an original story by Philippe Martinezwho co-wrote the screenplay with Michael Cassie. It follows an LAPD officer (White) who guns down drug dealers until his brother dies under mysterious circumstances. He then returns to his home island to seek answers and gets in trouble with the corrupt tycoon who has taken over the island paradise he once called home. Along with White and Costa, the cast also includes jackson rathbone and Gillian White.


Piccinino is known for features like American fighterNetflix hits like It’s love featuring Riley Dandyand Isaac Gonzalez Rossi, and A Californian Christmas and its sequel A Californian Christmas: City Lights. Jai White is known for his features As, Spawn The black Knight, and also played the titular role in the blaxploitation parody movie black dynamite. Costa’s credits include features like Fox Live free and die hardMSR Media Christmas in the Caribbean, black Tulip, and Harold Guskinthe indie thriller Down the shore featuring alongside Jacques Gandolfini and Famke Janssen.

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Rathbone is perhaps best known for playing Jasper in The Twilight Sagahe was last seen in Valerie Weiss mix tape featuring alongside Gemma Brooke Allen, Nick Coinand Julie Bowen. It is also seen as Blue Scream in Netflix The Guardians of Justicea satire of DC Comics and Justice League. White, who often shares screen space with Jai White, has features like Christian Sesmait is To resume, Never Back Down: No Giving Upand Welcome to sudden death, to his credit.

Earlier this year The Island was announced by MSR Media as part of their upcoming slate which includes titles like, black noise, Liza Boltonmystery thriller deep ocean, Damien Hurleyhis debut as a director, Strictly confidential, among others. The feature film is produced by MSR’s Philippe Martinez and Highfield Grange Studios Alan Latham.

No release date has yet been set for the feature film, you can check out the film’s synopsis and our chat with White below:

The Island tells the story of an LAPD officer (Michael Jai White) who guns down drug dealers with his partner Phil (Jackson Rathbone) until his brother dies under mysterious circumstances. He returns to his home island, to seek answers and ultimately exact revenge, in a bloody battle with the corrupt tycoon who has taken over the island paradise.