Last Tuesday, grindcore/death metal killers Exhumed released the music video for “Drained of Color”, the lead single from their upcoming album. To the dead.

This week, Exhumed frontman Matt Harvey gave the internet a glimpse of how he plays the song in the latest “Slaythrough” video on the band’s YouTube page. As you can see by watching the video below, the nearly 10-minute clip begins with a straight-through playback of the song before going deeper into the different sections of the song.

According to Harvey, the writing of guitar parts for this new record mostly took place without having a guitar in hand, opting instead for a more app-based approach.

“I actually wrote most of the songs in Guitar Pro without having my hands on a guitar because I have a lot of muscle memory from playing that style of music for a long time, so my hands take on the same shapes over and over. again and I’m trying to get out of these patterns.

The song itself was just something I’d like, hum a riff and then work it out in Guitar Pro, which [came about] humming the riff, which led to different progressions that I wouldn’t normally do.

Harvey also said the song originated after Exhumed wrapped up their tour with Gatecreeper and Necrot, finding inspiration in how those bands “add extra beat to the end of their riffs”.

There’s a lot more detail on how the song was written in the rest of the video and we suggest you check it out for yourself.

exhumed To the dead will be available on multiple formats on October 21 and is currently available for pre-order through Relapse Records.

Exhumed, To the dead

  1. Putrescine and cadaverine
  2. color video
  3. charred
  4. Rank and defiled
  5. Lurid, shocking and vile
  6. Undertake the overpowering
  7. Nerotic
  8. No unturned tombstone
  9. defecated
  10. disgusted

Exhumed will embark on a month-long US tour with Hulder and Vitriol beginning in November. Depending on the dates, the tour will also feature Molder or Castrator. You can catch this tour live at a location near you by checking the dates below.

EXHUMATED with Helder, Vitriol, Molder:
10/11/2022 Dante’s – Portland, OR
11/11/2022 Substation – Seattle, WA
12/11/2022 The Chipper – Boise, ID
11/13/2022 Ace’s High Saloon – Salt Lake City, UT
11/14/2022 Headquarters – Denver, CO
11/16/2022 Reverb Lounge – Omaha, NE
11/17/2022 Lefty’s – Des Moines, Iowa
11/18/2022 Reggies – Chicago, IL
11/19/2022 Club Garibaldi – Milwaukee, WI
11/20/2022 Sanctuary – Detroit, MI
11/21/2022 Legends – Cincinnati, OH
11/22/2022 No class – Cleveland, OH
with Helder, Vitriol, Castrator:
11/23/2022 Cattivo – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
11/25/2022 Sonia – Boston, MA
11/26/2022 Johnny Brendas – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
11/27/2022 The Meadows – Brooklyn, NY
11/29/2022 Metro Gallery – Baltimore, MD
11/30/2022 Norfolk Taphouse – Norfolk, Virginia
01/12/2022 New Brookland Tavern – Columbia, South Carolina
02/12/2022 Bogg’s – Atlanta, Georgia
03/12/2022 Will’s Pub – Orlando, Florida
04/12/2022 Brass Mug – Tampa, FL
07/12/2022 White Oak – Houston, TX
08/12/2022 Come Take It Live – Austin, TX
09/12/2022 Amplified – Dallas, TX
10/12/2022 Rock Box – San Antonio, TX
12/12/2022 The Launch Pad – Albuquerque, New Mexico
12/13/2022 Nile Underground – Mesa, AZ
12/14/2022 Brick by Brick – San Diego, CA
12/15/2022 Constellation – Santa Ana, California
12/16/2022 Don Quixote – Los Angeles, California
12/17/2022 Eli’s Mile High – Oakland, CA