Raise your hand if you’ve ever said in conversation, “I live for classic Mariah Carey,” because the queen of high notes has heard your pleas and she’s answered. The ‘Heartbreaker’ singer announced yesterday on Instagram that she will be re-releasing one of her most popular albums to date, 1997 Butterfly.

Everything was better in the 90s.

The post was a curated reel of nostalgic photos and music videos, revealing all the new bonus content fans will have access to starting September 16.

“#Butterfly25 is here!! Celebrating 25…minutes…since the release of my favorite and probably most personal album 🦋 Starting September 16th ❤️,” she captioned the post.

In addition to the 8 new bonus tracks from the album, fans will also enjoy reissues of hit songs “Honey” and “The Roof” in 4K, which is a fancy way of saying high-res audio. She also shared that there will be a “new ‘Honey’ music video documentary”, as well as ‘classic’ live performance videos we all know and love.

It’s like stepping back in time, on my green leather sofa, watching TRL again.

The “Shake It Off” diva hasn’t stopped there, however – it’s also offering new vinyl and cassette options for purchase, as well as merchandise, so get your turntables and boomboxes ready.

It’s not just an album, it’s an experience. Will there also be a live immersion exhibit? Take all my money, please.

Fans burst into excitement over the post, sharing “Ahhhhh this is amazing!! Thank you so much Queen! Can’t wait to celebrate #Butterfly25. Thank you for this enduring masterpiece!! ❤️🦋”

“Butterfly” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 on October 4, 1997, and stayed on the charts for 55 weeks.

Carey first hinted at possibly renewing the classics in April when sharing with PEOPLE, “Brandy and I loved the original arrangement of the background vocals from ‘The Roof’ and decided we wanted to put it up to date. day,” she explained after working on the song during a class she conducted with Master class. I truly believe it surpassed the original, and I can’t wait for you all to hear it!

Tomorrow will be a ‘culture reset’, as one follower commented, which means Mariah Carey fanatics are coming out of hibernation a little earlier than Christmas this year!