The Kildare natives treated the crowd to an exclusive performance of the brand new track, ‘Get On My Love’ at Stradbally last night.

Picture It didn’t let the rain dampen their spirits as they headlined Electric Picnic last night. In fact, the natives of Kildare seemed to be having the time of their lives – and so were the audience, who were treated to nearly two hours of non-stop, infectious energy from the band.

Appearing before a record crowd on Saturday night, frontman Ryan Hennessy donned an outfit that would give Harry Styles a run for his money. Head-to-toe in black leather, complete with an extravagant fur-collared blazer, he worked the crowd like a well-seasoned rockstar. Of course, the band is still in its formative years, having gone viral with its debut album “Take My Hand” just five years ago. Their career trajectory since then, however, has been nothing short of amazing.

Opening the show with ‘Things Are Different’ from their latest album, Life in color, the crowd was behind the group from the start. The rest of their set included a hearty collection of love and anti-love songs (with a few highlights like “Never Change”, “Addicted to You” and “Unconditional”), but the mood was far from overwhelming. be gentle. A guitar was thrown into the air, a mic stand was smashed and a brief striptease from Hennessy revealed an Irish football shirt beneath his quirky ensemble.

Picture this at the 2022 Electric Picnic. Photos: Liam Murphy

If there’s one thing their performance has proven, it’s that imagine this are capable of much more than cutesy love songs. They’ve shown their versatility with catchy pop songs like “LA House Party” and “Winona Ryder,” and their talent for working with a crowd is second to none. Hennessy’s vocals remained flawless throughout her non-stop enviable dance moves, and the entire band gave it their all for a performance that ended with each member lying on the stage floor.

With the crowd’s chants of “Olé Olé” ringing in their ears, it was clear that the band’s remarkably rapid rise to fame is not something they take for granted. Hennessy appeared impressed as he thanked the crowd for their unwavering support several times throughout the night, and it was clear he relished every second of being in the spotlight.

The highlight of the evening was an exclusive rendition of their brand new song, “Get On My Love”, which featured a hair-raising special appearance from the Dublin Gospel Choir. By the second verse, the entire audience was singing along to the unreleased track, which was brimming with soul while staying true to the catchy pop sound the band is known for.

Saving ‘Take My Hand’ to the very end, the crowd started chanting its lyrics even before Hennessy started singing it. In his own words, “it’s the song that made the band”, and it’s easy to see why. The crowd reaction was one of the strongest of the weekend so far, and the band didn’t take it for granted.

Even if their music isn’t your cup of tea, it’s hard not to be impressed with Kildare’s outfit as they reminisce about the surreality of becoming online sensations overnight. Since then, Picture This has truly honed its own brand of cinematic pop rock. They’ve racked up hundreds of thousands of digital streams, sold out arenas and stadiums around the world, and released three chart-topping albums.

Their performance at Electric Picnic last night proved that they only get bigger.