Indonesian singer-songwriter Morad has released his debut album, titled “About A Woman”.

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Released on major streaming platforms on Friday, March 18 via Berita Angkasa Records, “About A Woman” consists of nine songs that revolve around the theme of romance.

“It contains the romance of questions, loss, regrets, longing, anxiety, negotiation, acceptance and many other elements of romance that you can hear when listening to the songs on this album “, said the singer-songwriter via a press release.

Listen to the album below.

The album contains the singles “Red & Black”, “If Tomorrow I’m Losing You”, “How” and “No One’s Gonna Love You”. Morad has previously shared that if “several people, special people” who inspired the album, but “in the end it all comes down to one. It’s just about a woman. Muse”.

Morad too revealed that fellow singer-songwriter Pamungkas contributed the track “Empty” to the album. “Great musicians are involved in the making of this album…as you can see in the credits of my released songs,” the singer wrote in his last tweet.

“My brother Pamungkas also contributes [sic] pouring his soul into a number called ‘Empty’. Honored,” he added.

Morad also released a music video for “Again” on Friday. The video follows the singer-songwriter through his day, having his meals alone before reuniting with his friends Pamungkas, Oslo Ibrahim and many more.

Morad began his solo music career with the lead single “Blink of an Eye” in 2019, before releasing “If Tomorrow I’m Losing You” as Berita Angkasa’s compilation album “Adiksi Adaptasi” (“Adaptation Addiction “) in 2020.