The posthumous releases affair is still controversial, and now Lil Bibby is threatening to cancel Juice WRLD’s upcoming album due to all the leaks.

And there have certainly been many. Earlier this month, six of the late rapper’s tracks, plus a freestyle, appeared on hip hop social media accounts.

The leaked songs featured a few guests: MIA (“Tribe”), Chance the Rapper (“Door”) and Hypnotic OG (“Long Day”), Juice performed alone on “Out the Dust”, “Confide To” and ‘All burned’.

Lil Bibby, however, doesn’t seem happy about that. Leak culture content account @Kurrco posted text messages allegedly showing Lil Bibby discussing his frustration with the leaks (see below). “These leaks are spiraling out of control,” reads one text. “I hope all the fans are happy, the endless party could be canceled if all this shit leaks,” adds another text.

Judging by the reactions to this month’s leaks, however, fans aren’t totally impressed. ‘Door’ has been described as “truly one of the worst songs I’ve heard in recent history (hint: it’s not Juice WRLD’s fault)”, while someone else asked, “how do they still leak shit”.

Juice’s mother, Carmella Wallace, said she didn’t like the process. “I get that they loved him. They loved his music, but there’s a right way to do it,” she said last December.

Vince Staples also had some interesting comments about capitalizing on dead rappers this week. “It’s money in it and they’re going to keep selling it and we’re going to keep perpetuating it and we’re going to get hurt when somebody dies,” he said in a radio interview. “I don’t necessarily know if they care. If they did, have the album ready in four weeks after you die. You get more press on the album after you die.

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Juice’s last official posthumous release came with 2021 Fight the demons, his fourth studio album. It peaked at number two on the US Billboard 200 and number seven on the ARIA Albums Chart.

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