Lane Pittman got a four chair round with his emotional blind audition on The Voice Australiawhere he covered a fan-favorite Luke Combs song in honor of his late father.

While strumming an acoustic guitar, the 15-year-old contestant began to The Voice Australia stage to showcase his country voice with a cover of Combs’ “Even If I’m Leaving”.

“Dad, I’m scared, don’t you want to stay a while?” / Keep me safe ’cause there’s freaks right outside / Daddy please don’t go, I don’t wanna be alone / ‘Cause the second you’re gone they’ll know / Forward to go to bed, he grabbed my hand and said, “the mullet-carrying contestant started singing. His tone quickly caught the attention of coach Guy Sebastian, who turned his chair for him almost immediately.

As the young singer continued to sing the tune, fully showcasing his southern drawl, the other three coaches, Keith Urban, Rita Ora and Jessica Mauboy, all turned their chairs for the rising star.

At the end of Pittman’s performance, Urban asked him why he chose to sing Combs’ moving track, to which he replied, “So about three, almost four years ago my dad passed away. So this song hits home with the lyrics and really reminds me of him.

After Pittman explained the reason for choosing the Combs’ song, the judges got a better understanding of why they were so connected to his performance.

“So that just makes sense to me because when you started singing you had a really nice tone and it was like you really knew what this song was about and then it was kinda shaky with the tone and everything, but that’s why,” Urban explained. “I understand that so much, I can work with that with you and I’d love to have you on my team.”

Ora told Pittman that she was so mesmerized by his performance that she almost forgot to press her button to spin for him.

“I really felt you, you know, and I think Keith says that all the time. It’s like feeling someone, it’s completely different and I think I turned around last because I forgot I was there,” Rita Ora said. “I was really like wow that was…oh my God yes! And, you know, that was my reaction and it’s just that I was kind of in a trance and I think that’s what you did with that performance, you put everybody in a trance and I can’t believe you’re 15 and it just makes it even more amazing. I think this is just the beginning for you.

“I feel like it was your magic moment and I love my country music. One of my first auditions was going to a country music audition. Singing a song like that, there’s so much care and attention in there and obviously it’s dedicated to your [late] father and you are an artist,” Jessica Mauboy said.

Sebastian Guy then praised his mule and his vocal timbre.

“It was magnificent, I was immediately in tune and obviously there are a few nerves and now it makes even more sense,” added Guy Sebastian. “What I liked the most was just the honesty and I think the audience knows that because they reacted immediately. About three words in the audience were sold and you just know when you’re listening to someone who sings with honesty. You were just expressing something and I felt it. I was brought in, I want in, I think you are fantastic. You have a sick mullet, personally, I don’t think I had my first pubis before you’re 20. You’ve got a full mullet at 15, I don’t know how these country kids, they’re brought up differently, you really are.

Following feedback and praise from coaches, Pittman was faced with the difficult decision of which team he wanted to join.

“Well mate, you have four chairs to flip. So now you have to choose,” Urban told the contestant.

After a brief moment of reflection, Pittman finally decided to join Keith Urban’s team.

“That’s the scary part now, uh, the coach I’d like to go with is Keith,” Pittman exclaimed.

Pittman and Urban then shared the news with Pittman’s family, who were waiting in a room adjoining the stage.

His grandfather praised his performance and admitted the 15-year-old contestant’s late father “would be proud”.

The Voice Australia broadcast Monday to Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. on Channel 7 and 7plus.

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