The alternative country quintet from Philadelphia, Labrador, have announced their second album, Hold the door for strangers, produced by Kyle Gilbride (Swearin’, Waxahatchee) and due out January 13, 2023, via the band’s own label, No Way of Knowing. Debut single “Guy with a Job (That Nobody Wants),” out now, is a catchy Americana rocker written from the perspective of a miracle worker struggling to answer the countless prayers in his inbox.

Singer and guitarist (and Dough contributor) Pat King explains in a press release:

There are so many great songs that take on the perspective of an almighty God in the clouds who mocks the stupidity of mankind. I thought it would be a fun idea to write from the perspective of an overworked, overworked miracle worker trying to process every prayer that comes in, no matter how big or small. I imagine it’s one of those thankless gigs like working at the DMV where the person behind the desk just has to raise their hand and say, “You know what? I’m just doing my best here!

Labrador’s previous records including 2018 album A safe distance from a visit and EP 2020 A carwere mostly King’s solo affairs, with contributions from guitarist Kris Hayes. Hold the door for strangers takes a full-band approach, reuniting King with Hayes and drummer (and former collaborator) Chris Arena, and bringing bassist Saysha Heinzman (Field Mouse) and violinist Grace Kim into the fold. The five musicians recorded the LP with Gilbride in a barn in the upstate “red light town” of Cambridge, New York, where King grew up.

Listen to “Guy with a Job (That Nobody Wants)” and see the details of Hold the door for strangers below.

Hold the door for strangers Art:


Hold the door for strangers List of tracks:

1. State Line at Eagleville
2. Mexican beer
3. Chorus of Dogs
4. I lost my weapon
5. Guy with a Job (that nobody wants)
6. A runner’s body
7. The last race of the season
8. Wear it like a badge
9. Hold the door for strangers