Hit rapper Kanye West has been hard at work since releasing his donda album in 2021. A sequel to the project, renowned 2, has been under wraps for months. But West is preparing to release the project in 2022 on a special date — and with special collaborators.

Kanye West | Rich Fury/VF20/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

Kanye West released “Donda” in 2021

Preparing for the release of West’s tenth album donda was filled with several teasers that only made Ye fans even more excited about the project. Throughout the summer of 2021, West hosted three album listening events at stadiums in Atlanta and his hometown of Chicago. The highly anticipated LP was finally released on August 29, 2021 – even though West himself called out his label for not allowing him to put his own finishing touches on the project.

In the months that followed, West worked hard in the studio working on the follow-up to dondatitled (for now) 2. West’s eleventh album would also be his first album to be a direct sequel to a past project. The album bears the name of his late mother, and the original donda the album featured collaborators such as The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, DaBaby, the late Pop Smoke and West’s Look at the throne partner in crime Jay-Z.

In an exclusive interview with Complex in January 2022, Steven Victor, Def Jam’s head of A&R, revealed that a sequel to donda was around the corner. “It happens sooner than you think,” he said. “The procession begins and does not stop.”

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‘Donda 2’ arrives 2/22/22

Just days after Victor’s revelation, West revealed on Instagram that 2 was the official title of the album and that it would be released on a special date: February 22, 2022 or 2/2/22.

West shared an Instagram Story that may explain why he chose the once-in-a-century date. “According to the stars, the United States is finally getting a makeover with its first-ever return from Pluto on February 22, 2022,” the post read. “Astrologically, a return of Pluto occurs when the celestial body returns to the same position in a natal chart where it was at the start of the chart.”

A return of Pluto occurs every 248 years, making it the first in the United States since before the founding of the country.

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“Donda 2” will be produced by Future

In addition to revealing 2, West also revealed who would help bring the album to life. The album will be produced by fellow rapper Future.

West was a producer before becoming a rapper, and like all of his other projects, he’s going to be involved in producing all of the music on 2. He teamed up with frequent collaborator Mike Dean for the project as well as DJ Khaled.

To focus on making the album, West comes off the grid as he puts the finishing touches on the LP. Rolling Loud co-founder Tariq Cherif posted a video on West’s behalf to his Instagram Story of the “Jail” rapper getting a massage.

“I don’t have a phone until two, twenty-two, twenty-two,” West said happily. “My goal is to take my kids to school and finish the album.”

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