Geoff John will spend time in a universe other than the one he has in play with The CW’s DC’ Stargirl. Hollywood Deadline reports exclusively that Johns and Gary FrankImage Comics’ best-selling title Geiger is being developed as a television series by Justin Simien (reboot of the “Flashdance” series) and Johns for Paramount Television Studios. Set in the year 2050, Geiger centers on a radioactive family man named Tariq Geiger who spends his days and nights doing whatever it takes to protect the fallout shelter housing his family. When Geiger battles a group of violent scavengers, he faces the wrath of the criminal empire to which they are linked. Recently, Johns & Frank collaborated on an expansion of the creator’s “The Nameless” universe with the spin-off Junkyard Joeabout a heroic robot soldier.

Image: Geoff Johns/Gary Frank (Image Comics)

As for who will do what behind the scenes, Johns is set to write the pilot and serve as showrunner. Additionally, Johns will executive produce with Frank and Jamie Iracleanos for Mad Ghost. In addition, Kyle Laursen will also executive produce, alongside Simien, through Simien’s production company Culture Machine. Dedicated to content focused on raising the volume of marginalized voices to change the face of pop culture, the production company produced all four seasons of Simien’s Netflix series Dear Whites and produce thelightning danceseries reboot for Paramount+ (with Simien set to adapt and direct). Moreover, the production company also has Plan A on the writer’s path. Steven J. Kung for STARZ and Lionsgate Television.

“Thank you Image and all the retailers and readers! Gary and I couldn’t be happier with the response to Junkyard Joe,” Johns said in a statement when the news broke.Junkyard Joehad been sent back to print. “It’s been an exciting time with the world of Geiger and The No Name, and we’re just getting started!” Frank added: “I’m so glad we’re going to get more copies into people’s hands because I know what’s coming and when it does I think people will regret being on board as soon as the beginning. I can’t express how proud I am of this book.”

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