John Cena has long been the figurehead of WWE programming beginning in the year 2002. Being the poster boy for the company, he enjoyed his tenure at the top for nearly fifteen years and as a process, it was part of memorable moments. on TV. While most of them showcased historic achievements for himself, he also uplifted his colleagues in the process.

The Miz is another trusted WWE shoulder who has appeared in the Main Event of numerous WWE Shows and Premium Live Events during his 19-year-long career. At first, many found it difficult for him to make it to the top in WWE. But he finally got it all done and became a true WWE Champion.

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During the In the Kliq podcast presentation, the two-time WWE Champion revealed that he thanks John Cena for showing him how to become a main event superstar.

“[John] Cena is a wealth of knowledge and he’s more than willing to share it if you’re willing to listen,” Miz explained. “Cena taught me a lot about WWE and entertainment.”

“It was a teaching moment for me…It showed me what it takes to be a Main Event caliber superstar and I’m so grateful for those moments because it gave me the confidence that I I have today in these capacities.” (courtesy quotes Fight Inc.)

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John Cena and The Miz had one hell of a rivalry in WWE

Often, The Miz and John Cena are touted for creating one of the best rivalries in WWE history. The two have faced off in singles (three times) and tag team action on Pay-Per-View on multiple occasions. The two also headlined WrestleMania 27 when Miz walked away with his only PPV win over the Cenation leader, his breakthrough win in his career.

The other two matches between the two on PPV were during The Bash in 2009 and Over the Limit in 2011 in which John Cena retained the WWE Championship he had won from Miz 21 days prior in a cage match. triple threat steel also involving John Morrison. at Extreme Rules 2011.

John Cena Credited For Elevating WWE Raw Superstar To Main Event Photo 2

Miz continues to be a full-time WWE Superstar on television while John Cena has become a Hollywood movie star in recent years. The last time the 16-time world champion had a full match was at Summerslam 2021 where he was beaten by Roman Reigns during the Universal Championship.