New album “Richer Than I’ve Ever Been” arrives in December

Posted on 05 November 2021

Rick Ross has announced the title and release date of his eleventh studio album. Richer than I’ve ever been, released on December 10, comes with an opulent cover (see above) that shows off something of a new look for the Maybach music group kingpin – whom the Internet wasted no time in making fun of.

Richer than I’ve ever been appears to be the first of Ross’s studio albums not to highlight since 2014 Billionaire hood.

On it, he hides his face behind a pair of white gloves, sporting a boss-sized ring on the little finger of his right hand. The set is completed with a pastel colored hat and a jacket with an incredibly detailed brooch on the left side.

If one were not to judge a book by its cover, the same would surely apply to albums of recorded music. However, sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. While his extravagance isn’t at all abnormal, that’s exactly what happened on Ross’s new cover art on the internet.

On the cover of Richer than I’ve ever been, Ross has been compared to everyone from Queen Elizabeth to a star on Daddy’s Girls or a new season of Bridgerton. In more detailed performances, he “dresses like a magician and plays cuckoo”, “a lady in church receiving a compliment and not wanting to be seen blushing” and “the pastor’s mother”. Others began to wonder how many mints Ross kept on hand for album purchases.

In his Instagram reveal, Ross noted that Richer than I’ve ever been was shot by Jonathan mannion, who previously broke covers for the artist Trilla (2008), Deeper than rap (2009) and Teflon Don (2010), in addition to other iconic illustrations for JAY-Z, Lil Wayne, DMX, Gucci Mane, Eminem, Sum 41 and many more.

For now, you can play some wisecracks until Richer than I’ve ever been arrives in december. The first single “Outlaws”, starring Jazmine Sullivan and 21 Savage, arrives next Friday (November 12).

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